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Music Types; Honors Information Technology

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Michael Smith

on 28 March 2016

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Transcript of Music Types; Honors Information Technology

Intro to the Results
Data by Males and Females
Out of people who listen to music, what will be the difference between the genders and the type of music they listen to?

If both males and females are asked what music genre they prefer to listen to, then there will be a diverse response from each gender, because gender is not the only factor that causes somebody to like a certain music genre.

The Experiment
Using Google Forms, 25 males and 25 females were from other Math for Info Tech and Biology classes within the same age range were asked to take a short survey asking about the music they listen to.

The Intro
The Data
In the end, I noticed there was a larger selection among the selections in females than males. Males leaned twoard rap and hop. (For those who did not select other) and females chose some country and classical. I think my hypothesis was correct. While males did not have a huge diverse, they did have some.
Music Types; Honors Information Technology
Good Luck Next Semester!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Michael Smith
The Survey
TOP 3 Music Types
- Rap (22%) & Other Types (22%)
- Pop (18%)
- Hip-Hop (12%)

Bottom 3 Music Types
- Classical (4%)
- Alternative, Rock, Country (6%)
- Jazz (0%)

TOP Type for Males
- 36% of Males selected "other"
- This means that they like a music type that was not one on the survey.

TOP Type for Females
- 20% of Females chose Hip-Hop
- 20% of Females chose Pop

Bottom Type for Males
Bottom Type for Females
- 0% of females chose Hard Rock
- 0% of females chose Jazz

- 0% of males chose:
- Country - Jazz
- Hard Rock - Alternative
- Classical

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