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Allusions & Analogies

Made for my 8th grade English students. Students watched & took notes.

lauren adams

on 27 April 2016

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Transcript of Allusions & Analogies

Created by Ms. Hubert
Allusions & Analogies
Examples of Allusions, cont'd
Allusions Practice
A reference, given in a piece of literature, to a famous person, place, thing, or another piece of literature.

The most common allusions come from popular works such as the Bible, mythology, and Shakespeare.

Allusions are tricky to identify if you are not well-read, or familiar with the piece being alluded to.
Examples of Allusions
"I was not born in a manger. I was actually born on Krypton and sent here by my father, Jor-el, to save the Planet Earth." ~President Barack Obama

Here, President Obama alludes to two separate texts.
1) Who was born in a manger? Where is that story found?
2) Who was born on Krypton & whose father's name was Jor-el?
She loved chocolate. She ate it every day. Chocolate was her Achilles's heel.

Here, the allusion is to the character named Achilles from Iliad, by Homer. In that text, Achilles has only one point of weakness...his heel.
1. Read the allusions.
2. Interpret {Where does it come from?}
& explain {What does it mean?}
Examples of Allusions, cont'd
1. It was such an obvious lie, I was surprised his nose didn't start growing.

2. On his first trip to Hawaii, he was so amazed by its beauty he thought it must be the Garden of Eden.

3. When the tide came in, their sandcastle was swallowed up like Jonah.
1. Pinocchio, the children's story, is about a wooden boy whose nose grows longer each time he lies.

2. The Garden of Eden is described in the Bible as the home of Adam & Eve, who were considered to be the first humans.

3. Jonah, another Bible character, was swallowed by a whale.
An analogy shows relationships between two words or ideas.

Analogies can help you learn new words if you first identify the relationship between the words.

Possible types of analogies include:
* Part to a whole
* Cause to effect
* Item to category
* Object to use
* Synonyms
* Antonyms
Examples of Analogies
up:down :: hot:cold

minute:hour :: ounce:pound

glasses:read :: crutches:walk
Example of Analogy, cont'd
Analogy Practice--Write 3 examples in your notes
go:green :: red: __________

wheel:bike :: tire: _____________

_______:month :: minute:hour

_______:sentence :: page:book

zebra:stripes :: giraffe: ________

A fish is to swimming as a bird is to __________.
A child is to mother what a song is to a ___________
Analogy Practice Answers
go:green :: red:stop

wheel:bike :: tire:car

day:month :: minute:hour

word:sentence :: page:book

zebra:stripes :: giraffe:spots

A fish is to swimming as a bird is to flying.
A child is to mother what a song is to a singing.
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