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NMD200 Portfolio Presentation

University of Maine - Fall semester 2014

Kayleigh DeFrancesco

on 23 May 2016

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Transcript of NMD200 Portfolio Presentation

Kayleigh DeFrancesco
Album Cover - Fleet Foxes
Logo Design for Final Project - "design your own product"
UCUBED Garlands
App Design - "GoGlamp"
Ad's for magzines like DownEast, Portland Magazine
Online Art Class
Material Covered:

Work at Internship:

-Advertisements for
-Employee presentations
-Backlit wall displays
-Coupon sheets

-Photoshop editing
-Mixed media
-Experimentation with printing substrates
-Video editing
NMD200 Portfolio Presentation
Stay & Wande
r digital agency that specializes in working with clients from around the world to expand brand reach and engagement.
-Alberta, Canada
Stay & Wander - Maurice Li & Alex Strohl
Sophia Ahamed - Graphic Designer

"The creative arts is as much of a scientific process as it is a process of free flowing abstraction"

Travel Photography, Illustration, Design
Jesscia Hische - designer, illustrator, "letterer"
First video editing experience - iMovie
1st Photoshop assignments: Montages
I printed my images onto cardstock paper & cut them out using different polyhedron shaped templates.
I glued them together and strung them onto twine to create a garland.
Mixed Media Assignment
Create an installation piece using different print substrates
Installation Piece into Animated GIF
ART250- Graphic Design
Logo Identity: Create Stationary Set

Business Card
Company Packaging & Web Design
Design Basics
Album Cover in Photoshop
Internship - Convention and Visitor's Bureau, Portland ME
Graphic Design Intern
My Photos
for fake clothing company "GaiaThreds"
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