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Portfolio project

No description

Jenna Gill

on 12 June 2016

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Transcript of Portfolio project

Writing was a major skill I've developed throughout elementary school and learning to perfect in high school. Throughout grade 8, my writing has improved so much more than I've noticed.
How to Improve
As of 2015, my writing level is at an average. To better myself and improve my writing skills, I am willing to do just about anything. I will start by managing my time. I shall organize my calender and find days and times to review my notes aswell as practice. A trait i hope to possess is being more organized. Being more organized will improve my ability to be quicker when finding notes, homework, my calender, and i will be less stressed. Improving my writing ability can potentially mean that I don't have to stress and study as much for an english exam, or test. By the end of my next term i will have improved my writing ability.
How did I do?
Gone with the Wind
Like the sunrise, Gone with the Wind makes many appearances in the Outsiders book and are one of the things that connect Johnny and Ponyboy. Johnny shows Pony consideration by buying the book for Pony, but Pony doesn’t even remember himself mentioning that he wanted to read it! Gone with the Wind takes place in the southern United States in the state of Georgia during the American Civil War and the Reconstruction Era that followed the war. So, what does a book about Civil War have to do with The Outsiders novel, a book about two teenage rival groups associated with gang violence, underage smoking and drinking, as well as strong slang and family dysfunction? ... More than you think. In fact, you could even say that the Socs and Greasers are at a civil war. These teens are all residents of the same city and they even go to the same school! Yet, they're trapped in a battle between one another in which one group – the Socs – have the desire to tower above and control the other group – the Greasers. This gang battle is roughly based on the same ground rules, and includes catastrophes, weapons, battles, and other necessities of war. In the end, Ponyboy doesn’t finish reading the novel. I think the unfinished book will forever, for Pony, be a symbol of Johnny’s incomplete life and their incomplete friendship together.

Christian Education
Portfolio project
During CE this year, we have studied many Bible characters in the Old Testament. One Bible figure that really stood out to me was Joseph. Joseph was the 11th son of Jacob and wasn't very liked by his brothers. Joseph was already his fathers favorite and when Joseph had been given dreams of God's plan for his life, his father was especially happy and his brothers hated him even more. Joseph tried really hard to fit in with his brothers but eventually things didn't work out for him. But, with confidence and strength, he endured in this amazing story in Genesis.
Love :
This year, I have grown tremendously in my faith.

One example is that during this year, I have a much better understanding of the books of the bible and bible characters

Secondly, i used to doubt my faith.

Finally, i used to go to church for special events (Christmas, Easter, etc...) but now, i go as much as possible.
How does the story of Joseph relate to me? Well, everyday as a teenager especially, it is hard to fit in with modern day society and still be the person you truly are. Just like Joseph, teenagers everywhere just need confidence in themselves and they will accomplish incredible things.
Serve :
The benefits I have received from participating in community service hours are of course a better label for myself. What I mean by this is that when people think of me, they hopefully refer to me as a helper or anything kind. But more importantly, I've made better friendships with many other people while doing my service hours. Doing my service hours made me feel like a better person because I know now that many people can count on me to help them. Also, I know now that I can count on other people to help me as well.
I have benefitted the community that I helped because I helped maintain a positive community with a good attitude, I helped my community and encouraged other people to help
How have I helped?
How have I improved?
ISIS Millants Massacre Civilians in Syria
On March 31st 2015, Militants fighting for the Islamic State in Syria have brutally murdered at least 30 civilians, including two children, following a raid on a regime-held village. ISIS 'executed at least 30 people by burning, beheading, and firing on them in the village of Mabujeh. The attack took place because ISIS soldiers felt threatened by other religious groups (Catholics and Muslims)
Where the attack took place
How does this relate?
my path throughout grade 8!
the end!!!
Renaissance/Medieval times
Peter 5:7 “Cast all your anxieties on him, for he cares about you.”
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