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100 Years

No description

Mark Dressman

on 23 February 2015

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Transcript of 100 Years

Would You Rather Travel 100 Years into the Future or the Past?
I do not think it would be right to see what life will be like 10 year from now. All of your loved ones would be long gone and there would be no guarantee that life would be better off in 2115.
Because I already know what happened in the past it wouldn't be as unfamiliar and unknown.
If I go back, I will have no rights. I cannot change history, because I am only one person.
I would be able to potentially change history. Also, we have no idea if in the future the world even exists with climate change and violence on the increase.
Modern medicine is a lot better. I wouldn't die of cancer or Spanish Flu.
I would invent things to make a lot of money!!! I would meet a lot of cool people.
I think it would be fun to see the world as I could not have even imagined it.
While it may be wonderful to explore one of the most phenomenal centuries the world has ever seen, foreknowing all of the events isn't much fun.
I want to go in at 1915 and leave before the Great Depression!
There are just too many things you could change that could affect your own life. The future would not have this problem.
My grandfather was born in 1914, so if I went back I could meet my ancestors and grandfather and get all the questions I have about my family and where we came from answered.
It would be cool to see what new foods and technologies will be out. Will social media exist? Will it have evolved into something else? What about energy sources? Renewable energy? Cool.
I would try to meet famous authors like F. Scott Fitzgerald as they were writing and learn from them. I think they threw great parties, too.
If I had my way,
I would stay
exactly where
I am.
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