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Heating up cold leads

When Jamie Gomez began his job as a marketing manager at ViewSat, he started off by surveying the sales department’s immediate needs. After determining the biggest area for growth was around the team’s authority and brand consistency, Jamie decided the best way to move forward was a change in the pitch. First step: Ditch the slides.

“We’ve had record sales with Prezi Business. Conversational presenting gives us an edge by allowing us to take an educational stance.”

Jamie Gomez, Marketing Manager
Jamie Gomez Marketing Manager

Heating up cold leads

Like many small businesses, ViewSat’s sales team was using a generic slide-based presentation for their pitches. Implementing Prezi Business changed the game for ViewSat because it allowed their sales reps to deliver professional conversation style presentations in an engaging way from any location or device.

“Another really good thing that’s helped is the use of the analytics,” Jamie added, explaining that sending out trackable links to cold leads has been a huge time saver. “Now the sales team knows which leads are actually interested in our offerings. Our team send the presentation to prospects and gather information about how long was spent on each page, giving the team additional lead insight that was not available before.”

Educating over lecturing

Since switching over to Prezi, ViewSat’s sales team has seen significant improvement, both in numbers and in their professionalism.

“We’ve had record sales that we haven’t seen before,” said Jamie, praising the conversational presenting approach. “Before we were just going in and saying, hey, here is this product at this price. Conversational presenting gives us an edge by allowing us to take an educational stance. Now we split the content into different parts and ask prospects what they want to learn about. They appreciate the interactivity, ask questions, and respond much better.”