A presentation that helps you practice what you preach

When you want the story of your company to reflect the innovative solutions you provide, slides are rarely the right format to tell it in. In this day and age, most people are simply too tired of them— whether or not they’re filled with compelling content. With this in mind, Craig Hanson, Associate Director of Marketing at Sharp Business Systems, set out to find something better.

A Visual Sales Story

After a colleague suggested Prezi, Craig found himself in a whole new ball game. Rather than simply moving his content from PowerPoint to a new platform, Craig was forced to think about his materials in a whole new way. “We removed anything that was really verbose and used imagery whenever possible,” he explained. “Visuals help you get down to the core of what’s important in the customer's eyes rather than what’s important to you as the seller. That’s the story we want to tell, and that’s what makes the sale.”

Craig’s various teams also made sure to include branch-based details in each of their presentations, such as photos from their office. This extra sprinkle of personalization added that ever-so-important human touch. “We want to show our prospects that we’re providing local services that are backed by a global company,” he said. “Prezi’s visual focus helps us do that.”

The visual approach also helped Craig’s team become better presenters.

“With Prezi, and the way it interacts with all devices, we’re getting to that place where we can have a more conversational presentation. It doesn’t seem so canned and scripted, and that’s helping move the needle.”

Craig Hanson Associate Director of Marketing, Sharp Business Systems

From Presentation to Marketing Automation

By using Prezi’s analytics feature, Craig intends to prolong the success of his visual pitches. After tracking the time spent in each area of the presentation, he’ll extract the information needed for marketing automation initiatives. “If we pitch a prospect and see later on that we spent 10 minutes of that conversation in a specific section, we can assume they were interested in the topic and use that logic to plug them into specific drip campaigns,” he explained.

Craig noted that marketing teams work hard on informational content, but getting the right pieces to the right people can still be challenging for sales. The assist Prezi provides here is priceless, and can help align departmental efforts.

“For a sales org, there are presentations we do on an hourly basis if you consider the entire division. Prezi helps us practice what we preach in each instance by allowing us to present visually, conversationally, and interactively,” he added. “It reflects our technology and extends our success. For us, this makes using Prezi a no-brainer.”

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Prezi Business is the right platform for exhibits in a trade show because it helps to grab the attention of the attendees. It’s definitely a massive improvement over simple slide decks.
Dorothy Remoquillo
Global Alliance Manager, Fujitsu