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When it comes to SaaS, the challenges of being on a sales team are no secret. People are hard to convince, value can be difficult to communicate, and your team is usually one in a handful of providers being considered.

With this in mind, Marcus Perez knew when he joined Harris Computer Systems as the Executive VP of Sales, Public Sector & School Group, that shaking up the tried and true comfort zone of traditional communications was imperative.

“Prezi helped Harris Computer Systems increase sales by 49.7%.”

Marcus Perez, Executive VP, Sales, Public Sector & School Group
Marcus Perez Executive VP, Sales
Public Sector & School Group

Be Memorable = Be Successful. It’s Science!

Perez began his mission by focusing on a more visual delivery of sales materials. His logic was simple: buyers often make decisions weeks after they’ve been pitched, so information designed specifically for memorability is more likely to be recalled when it counts the most.

Since the brain retains pictures longer than it does written content, for Perez that meant a complete overhaul of his department’s text heavy presentations. Prezi’s zoomable canvas allowed him to tap into the type of design thinking necessary for such a makeover. “The Prezi approach forces you to shrink your messaging down to its most important components,” he explained. “A deck of fifty or sixty slides suddenly gets reduced to the equivalent of twenty.”

To some it might sound too lacking, but consolidation doesn’t have to mean sacrificing important details. In fact, Perez claimed it helped communicate them more effectively. “The movement of the Prezi canvas helps a viewer connect the granular nuances between bits of information that would be lost in a bulleted list.”

While the approach is wholly different from traditional processes, Perez’s success can’t be denied. Two years after implementing his set of visual methodologies, Harris Computer Systems increased sales by 49.7%.

Prezi: The Secret Sauce

These days Perez requires all of his directs to hit the ground using Prezi, so to speak. Joining his sales team starts with three days of training, at the end of which all participants are tasked with presenting an opportunity they’re actually chasing using Prezi.

In addition to sales pitches and trainings, Harris Computer Systems has utilized Prezi to help rework content for internal meetings, research and development, support, and Perez has even used it to build and narrate short value prop commercials. Basically, the visual approach is everywhere.

“Prezi is not the only visual methodology we use,” he added, “but it’s definitely the secret sauce of our success.”