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Collaborate, then celebrate

Teams that work together win together. Secure cloud-based collaboration means you’re always on the same page, even when you’re on different continents.


Place feedback right where it counts in collaborations so people know exactly what you mean.

Team folder

Secure folders make it easy for teams to safely share and access the content they need.

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Analyze, then capitalize

Excellent presentations are just one key to your team’s success. Knowing how to fine-tune and target follow-ups is the other. Prezi Business gives them both.

Optimize your efforts

Know who views your presentation and which parts keep their interest. Then follow up with just the right approach at just the right moment.

See live leaderboards

Track your team’s performance in real time. Use the sales data to fire up productivity and motivation with friendly competition.

Admin controls

Easy admin and privacy control

Smart admin controls and simple billing make it easy to manage licenses and ensure the privacy of your company’s sensitive content.

License management

Add new team members, remove old ones, or transfer licenses with ease.

Privacy control

Publishing settings and overviews make it easy to manage who can see what.

Content ownership

Maintain control of your team’s created content, even when someone leaves.

PMSI installation

Deliver centralized software updates so everyone always has the latest version.


Rest assured, security is our priority

Our dedicated security team takes comprehensive measures using the most powerful systems available to ensure your data is safe.

We're your biggest supporters

Phone and chat support

Got questions? Our professional customer support experts are standing by with answers.

Dedicated success manager

Your own devoted resource to guide your team through onboarding and get you up to speed.

Branded templates

Send us your fonts, logo, and brand colors, and we’ll make you a template you can use again and again.

Advanced training*

Take advantage of personalized trainings and webinars, plus the option to get team members Prezi-certified.

*Available with minimum commitment

Integrations give you even more
Instant Slack notifications make collaboration quick and seamless.
Know when your leads are viewing and sharing your presentations.

Meet just a few of the teams that use Prezi Business

No team too big. No commitment too small.

Your needs are unique and your Prezi Business package should be, too. Request a demo and talk to us about our scalable pricing options.

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