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Week 2 Lesson 3: Why did the Reds Win the Civil War?

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Liam Brooks

on 25 April 2017

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Transcript of Week 2 Lesson 3: Why did the Reds Win the Civil War?

Week 2 Lesson 3: The Civil War: Why did the Reds win the Civil War? (3)
To construct a valid and defensible argument about why the Reds won the Civil War.

Students will be able to identify and defend three key historical factors that contributed to the Reds’ victory.

Quizlet: Faces of key individuals
1. Go to quizlet.live

2. Put in game code.

3. We'll play in randomised teams.
Four main reasons why the Reds won the Civil War
1. The Red Army

2. The Cheka

3. Unity of purpose

4. Defended a central location

Two main reasons why the Whites lost the Civil War
1. Divided in purpose and strategy

2. Lack of propaganda

Activity: Claim> supporting evidence.
Question: Why did the Reds win the Civil War?
Claim> supporting evidence incorporating
historical interpretations

Exam skill practice:
Source analysis - Identifying the structure of 'C' Questions
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