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all about tunisia! :)

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Katy Hardee

on 20 March 2015

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Transcript of all about tunisia! :)

by: madalin baker
Tunisia is located in north Africa. Its boarders are Algeria to the west, Libya to the southwest, and the Mediterranean sea to the north and east.
Tunisia is
interesting facts

culture & customs
Tunisia is very mountainous in the north.
Tunisia is around 2 times the size of S.C., and is the smallest country in Africa
The Sahara desert is in the southernmost part of Tunisia.
There are coastal plains in the east part of Tunisia.
The capitol of Tunisia is Tunis

The main religion in Tunisia is Islam.
The Yasmine Hammamet festival is held at the peak of summer, around July 12. at the festival, there is lots of music and dancing.
The most popular sport is soccer.
Brik is a popular Tunisian dish that is a fried egg covered in thin pastry that is sometimes served with a savory sauce.
The ship on the Tunisian code of arms represents freedom,
The lion represents order,
And the scale represents justice.
The motto is "Hurriyyah, Nizam, Adalah" which means "Liberty, Order, Justice"
the red on the flag represents Islam because red is the color of Islam.
The crescent in the middle is the symbol of Islam.
The Medjerda river is the longest river in Tunisia.
Tunisia is the smallest country in Northwest Africa.
Tunisian markets are called souks.
Medjerda river
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