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Copy of Copy of Untitled Prezi

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Bronwyn Joyce

on 23 June 2013

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Transcript of Copy of Copy of Untitled Prezi

5/6J's journey into the Global World
The Global Classroom
Global Education
Prepares students to be global, independent citizens
by developing a global consciousness which embraces
"Universal" values..........
Global Education has 5 learning perspectives:
* Independence and globalisation
* Identity and cultural diversity
* Social Justice and human rights
* Peace building and conflict resolution
* Sustainable futures
What are global perspectives?
* Not knowing what towns surround the town you live in.
* Knowing there is a world but not knowing what makes up that world.
* That there are countries, people, stories and places to be seen and explored but not knowing any of them.
* That there is joy, sadness and miracles that happen everyday, but you never hear about it.
Our Journey
I spent two days in Melbourne learning about ICT and Engaging with Asia.

I learnt how to blog!

These two days changed my life, as a person and as an educator.

Add to my new found obsession of blogging, I was given the opportunity to travel to China twice last year. I was given the chance to engage personally with Asia.
What Changed?
Welcome to my students and my classroom.
Teddy Bear Project
The Countries 5/6J interact with almost daily
Texas, USA
The evidence that Global Education Makes a difference.
My Greatest Achievement
On the 29th of June I will travel to Doha, Qatar as the 2013 iEARN Australia Scholarship winner.

In Doha, I will conduct a workshop to teach teachers from around the world to how to successfully blog.

I will also get the opportunity to share my classroom story. Showcase my students and their global journey.

I am proud to say that the students of 5/6J at Liddiard Rd Primary School are very talented Global Citizens.

The students share thoughts, photos, questions, letters and encouragement.
Our blog address is:
Wooo.Thank you Mrs. Joyce and Mr. Kankam I can not talk or thank one and leave the other because both of you has inspired me a lot.Ever since I came across Mr. Kankam in my new school L & A Memorial Academy, I have learnt a lot about the outside world. France, Australia, USA, Germany and Japan and still I hope to learn more about other countries as well.
A Comment posted by a student in Ghana
Mrs Joyce it would have to be you.You inspire me because you inspired me to be more interactive on the blog and how you travel around the world. For the blog you add very interesting things and things that bring me to tears. With that I have learnt to put very detailed comments and every time I think that I improve. You inspire me when you travel around the world even if it is for school reasons because that shows me to follow my dreams of going around the world because I can go. Nothing is stopping me (except getting a passport). You also inspire me because you make me want to become a teacher so I can teach others about connecting to the world through blogs and emails. When I teach my students if I become a teacher I will know how to put comments on and that will be easy for me to teach my students because you have taught me so much.
Rennae 5/6J 2013
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