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GHSA Cheerleading Officials_ 2015 GAOA Day presentation

Tiffany Walker

on 21 July 2016

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Transcript of Professionalism

Basic Judging Standards and Guides
DO NOT applaud any team performance.
DO NOT signal a coach.
Keys to Scoring
Professionalism as a GHSA Cheerleading Official
Keys to SUCCESS!

Thank you!

Be prepared!
Know your job or "skills area"

Notify your booking agent if you have a conflict.
Notify your booking agent/head judge is you cannot judge or have an emergency.
Bring all materials - GHSA Manual, NF Rules Book, assoc. notebook, pad, pens, sticky notes, etc.
Make sure to have directions to the school and all pertinent information.
The tournament host is in charge of running the compettion -
allow them to do their job.
Communication with tournament host should be done by head judge.
Dress professionally for all events!!!
No cell phones at the judges' table
during competition!!!!!

discuss scoring of routines with coaches, parents, or athletes!!!!
DO NOT chew gum while judging.

SMILE at the team as they perform - DO NOT try to intimidate!!!

Reframe from being hostile or condescending to coaches, fans, or cheerleaders.

Treat the host and the competition staff with respect.

DO NOT smoke, drink, or use profanity while at a school or serving as an official.

DO NOT talk or argue at judges table with HJ or other judges.
Keep your COOL and act PROFESSIONALLY at all times!
DO NOT try to control the crowd - signal for tournament director or host if there are issues!
When calling rules - CALL WHAT YOU SEE. DO NOT read into a rule!!!
Stay up-to-date!!! Watch for notices and videos on website!!!
Keys to Scoring
Evaluate/score the routine based on the performance that DAY - not reputation or what you "know" they can do.

Keep conversations to a minimum.
HJ may ask you to review your scores but you are NOT required to change them.
Evaluate fairly using th guide. DO NOT COMPARE TEAMS!!
Stay in the range of the guide.
Make sure your scores and signature are READABLE.
Score in ink.
If you make a mistake scoring, strike through the score, initial, and write a new score.
Any judge may call out-of-bounds, jewelry, inattentive spotter, violations on sportsmanship, unsafe hair or hair devices, nails, jewelry, or unsafe performing surface.
If a team does NOT perform an element of the score sheet, a ZERO may be given but ALL judges MUST agree that the element was not executed by the team or was not attempted by the team.
A stunt group is considered more than one person working together to execute a stunt.
Conduct (cont.)
These are te keys to success as a GHSA Cheerleading Official!

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