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No description

Kevin Furtney

on 10 November 2017

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Transcript of ING

The Bible is not a text book...it's a HEART BOOK
God's Word--Psalm 119
written by 40 different authors
Over 2000 yrs
One theme--God's love for people
Scarlet thread=Jesus
Accuracy Unprecedented
100% historically accurate
100% scientifically accurate
Job 26:7--God hangs the earth on nothing
100% prophetically accurate
Hundreds of fulfilled prophecies about the birth, life, death & resurrection of Jesus
Daniel=4 empires hundreds of yrs before
Isaiah--King Cyrus 200yrs before he was born
John 17:17
Sanctify them by the truth, your word is truth.
Big Idea:
The bible is a priceless treasure I need to discover.
Why Treasure God's Word?
It's the very word of God
Word-20x=God's revelation
Statutes-21x=things inscribed
judgments-23x=a binding law
Testimony-22x=declaration of God's will
Way-11x=pattern of life
Total=188 times in 176 verses
It's more than words
It's vital for life--vs.93
It's our spiritual food--vs.103
It's our compass--vs.11
It's our GPS--vs.105
It's our counselor--vs.24
It's our comfort--vs.28
It's our one and only hope--vs.114
We treasure it for what it brings into our lives...
It brings happiness--vs.1-2
It brings freedom--vs.45
It brings wisdom--vs.98-101
How to show I treasure God's Word
Spend time with it--vs.2
Obey it--vs.4-6
Share it--vs.13
Rejoice in it--vs.14-16
Rejoice=taking great pleasure in

Delight=enjoy...makes your heart light
God's Word is the greatest treasure on earth...it's a priceless treasure I need to discover because it brings me into relationship with God.
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