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Copy of SAVMA Member Benefits

No description

Abbey Sharp

on 23 August 2017

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Transcript of Copy of SAVMA Member Benefits

What is SAVMA?
As a SAVMA member, you get LOTS OF BENEFITS!!
But wait, there's more!
Additional Benefits at the University of Missouri SCAVMA
SAVMA's function is to
foster communication
between individual Student Chapters and Student Associates of the AVMA (SCAVMA/SAAVMAs) and enable them to
function effectively as a single unit on the national level.
Reduced subscription rates for AVMA medical journals (savings of $200/year)
Members graduating in good standing receive automatic membership to the AVMA upon graduation (approximate $100 value)
Two additional years of 50% reduced recent-graduate membership dues

TONS of Scholarships
$73,279 was awarded in 2014-2015 to our members as scholarships & travel grants
Automatic Membership in IVSA
IVSA is the
International Veterinary Student Association
. Membership gives you access to
international travel opportunities
and additional resources such as
Professional Development and Networking Opportunities
Access to AVMA Resources
FREE Liability Insurance
The AVMA Personal Liability Insurance Trust (PLIT) offers FREE liability insurance for all SAVMA members. This is important to have because you CAN be sued for malpractice, even if you're still in school!
is the
for the AVMA, representing 36 local organizations with more than 15,000 student members

Vetstream is an online clinical reference database. Access normally costs hundreds of dollars!
SAVMA Symposium
AVMA Convention
Legislative Fly In
Veterinary Leadership
IVSA Conferences
Externship Database
Financial Planning Tools
Personal Development
Free registration to the AVMA Annual Convention the year you graduate (over $500 value)
A certificate for one free registration to the AVMA Annual Convention valid for the next five years following graduation (over $500 value)
You can also win money by submitting content to The Vet Gazette, the official online journal of SAVMA
The AVMA Group Health & Life Insurance Trust (GHLIT) offers health insurance designed by veterinarians, for veterinarians. The Student Member Basic Protection Package includes....
$500 per month while disabled
to help cover living expenses if a covered disability prevents you from attending vet school
life insurance benefit
$300 rabies vaccination benefit!
Social aspects
Josh Project charity events
Club night
Dog Jog
Concession Stands
SAVMA symposium
Wellness events
White coats for clinics (VM3 and VM4) - $50 value
Discounted legal counseling for contracts (VM4) - $175 value
Surgery packs for surgery class (VM2) - $200 value
Dental instrument use (VM2)
Travel reimbursements for all students (Contact the Treasurer)
Discounted Hill's food
Reduced journal subscription
What does it mean to be in "good standing"
Attend 1 general assembly meeting each year
Participate in 1 SCAVMA approved community service project each year
Pay your dues each year
Work the concession stand once as a VM1
$55/ year = $220 for all 4 years
Go to https://ebusiness.avma.org/SAVMA/savmaduesstep1.aspx
Use your SCAVMA ID
Contact the Secretary if you do not know your ID or have lost your membership card
If you have forgotten your password, please follow the directions on the website!
Let's meet your officers!

AVMA Headquarters Externship

Externship Stipend Program

AVMA- Governmental Relations Division Externship
This is our own local STUDENT chapter of the AVMA
Get YOUR voice out there and represent us, as students!
President- Crystal Climer
Hometown: Bells, TN
Hobbies: Riding horses and four-wheelers, kayaking, hiking, playing with my pups, and cows!
Area of Interest: Food Animal Medicine and Theriogenology
Vice President- Kelly Sandelin
Hometown: Waterloo, IL
Hobbies: Watching movies/TV, riding horses, and playing with my dog Bennett.
Area of Interest: Equine, Mixed Animal Medicine
Secretary- Marisa Lee
Hometown: Eldorado, OH
Hobbies; Sewing, crafts, line dancing, hiking with my dog Delilah, and helping my nieces and nephews with their 4-H projects when I'm at home.
Area of Interest: Large Animal or Mixed Animal Medicine
Treasurer- Hilary Torres
Hometown: Parkville, MO

Area of Interest: Small Animal medicine and Pathology
SAVMA Delegate- Abbey Sharp
Hometown: Middleburg, PA
Hobbies: Watching movies/TV, playing video games, cosplay, hiking with my dog Castiel, drawing/painting, reading, and memes.
Area of Interest: Dentistry
Hobbies: Cooking, baking, playing sports, working out, painting, and petting animals (duh)
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