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The MA Intellectual Encounters (web)

A presentation for the MA Intellectual Encounters of the Islamicate World

Roman Rehor

on 24 August 2017

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Transcript of The MA Intellectual Encounters (web)

A Transdisciplinary Introduction into the rich and varied Intellectual World of Medieval Islam

MA Intellectual Encounters of the Islamicate World
A unique approach
The MA program in short
Interactive synchronic eLearning (80%)
Three in-class sessions (20%)

Financial Aspects
Scholarships for Palestinians and Israelis
750 € per month/approx. 2900 NIS
Travel and accommodation expenses to all in-class sessions

No tuition fees
Small registration and re-registration fee of around 60 Euro per semester

General expenses
Basic technical equipment (notebook/PC with camera, speakers, earphones)
Stable internet connection

Entry requirements
An above average university degree

Candidates with less than 240 CP, but at least 180 CP (with a minimum of 80 credit points in one or more of the following disciplines: Islamic, Arabic, Jewish or Religious Studies, Philosophy and/or equivalent fields) can satisfy the admission requirements in individual cases if they can additionally either provide proof of qualifications relating to the MA program (e.g. non-university education, professional experiences or knowledge of relevant languages) or successfully pass the qualifying examination

Proof of language proficiency in English (C 1) and in Arabic (B 2)

Application period from 15 April until 31 May 2017
Online application form on our website
Notification on acceptance until mid/end of July

Studying online
The course of a week
Log in on Moodle:
What's the reading for this week?
Join the live online seminar twice a week for three hours
To help you find research resources and get technical help.
For providing you with seminar materials.
For organizing group work.
To hand in assignments and papers.
Session overview
Live Web Seminars
We're using
Adobe Connect.

Session Example
Session 'Social Relations' with Camilla Adang
What you'll need
A computer, equipped with camera and mic.
A reliable broadband internet connection.
A little patience and time.
This is what it looks like
Recap, write and communicate
Course page
Why study the MA Intellectual Encounters?
You'll learn from the top most scholars in their respective fields from all over the world
Study Islam, Christianity and Judaism and their mutual influences all in one MA
Learn with a diverse study group that guarantees lively and enriching discussions
You will improve on your English as academic language
You can work with cutting-edge technology
We offer scholarships
Visits to Berlin & abroad
It will open a door into the international world of academia
Arabic Translation of the Materia Medica of Dioscorides, 1229
Topkapi Palace, Istanbul

Christian and Muslim playing chess in al-Andalus, from The Book of Games of Alfonso X, el Sabio, c. 1285.

Technologically advanced teaching tools
In-class sessions in Cordoba and Berlin
Questions concerning seminars, readings, exams
Supervisors of MA thesis

Administrative matters
Technical support
Organizational aspects

Regular meetings
Support in good academic practice
Support for MA thesis

The academic year
Individualized supervision structure
In-class sessions
Course structure & modules
We're using Moodle...
Leading international experts
Marshall G. S. Hodgson (1922 – 1968), Islamic studies academic and a world historian at the University of Chicago

The Venture of Islam, Vol. 1, The Classical Age of Islam, 1977:
“I have been driven to invent a term, ‘Islamicate’.... [It] would refer not directly to the religion, Islam, itself, but to the social and cultural complex historically associated with Islam and the Muslims, both among Muslims themselves and even when found among non-Muslims”
, p. 58-59
Career options – from Berlin into the world
Graduates are not limited to a particular professional field
Competencies and skills acquired qualify for a diversity of occupations that demand for analytic, conceptual, and philological skills
Alumni are working e.g. in educational facilities, international organizations, NGOs, cultural/interreligious institutions, journalism, museums, libraries
MA program also qualifies for doctoral studies (Ph.D.)

Alumni have been accepted to PhD programs at different universities in Germany as well as to the University of Chicago, McGill University, Yale University, Harvard University, Leiden Universiteit
Application Form
More information

Session material
MA program is for a maximum of 20 students from Israel, Palestine and Germany and other countries from all over the world
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