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Roya and Kitty :)

The Black Footed Ferret

vanessa tellier

on 11 April 2012

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Transcript of Roya and Kitty :)

the black footed ferret Most babies die from not being strong enough to fight disease's, and predators.
The Black Footed Ferret
Where do they live? They live in montana,
mexico,Wyoming, and
They used to live in
Kansas, Utah, and colorado.


What do they eat?
They eat rabbits, rats,
birds, mice, ground squirls,
reptiles, and insects, prairie
dogs make up 90% of there diet.
What do they look like
18-24 inches long
5-6 inch long tail
i.5-2.5 pounds
males tend to be larger
short yellow colour fur
lighter on belly
white on forehead, muzzle, and throat
black face mask,
black feet,and black tipped tail
large rounded ears
short legs
long claws
They are mammals

life span:
1-3 years(in the wild)
captive ferrets, 4-7 years
Scientific name is
Mustela Nigripes Prairie dogs makeup
over 90% of there diet.
Black footed ferrets enter
a prairie dog burrow, and
when it finds the prairie dog, the ferret bites it in the throat soffacating it
and it eats one every 2 days. Its predators are
the golden eagle,cayotes,badgers
bobcats,great horned owl, fox, and falcon. For more info go to blackfootedferret.org
Endangered since 1967
Why? loss of habitat, disease,sylvatic plague
bacteria spread by fleas, canine distemper,
pneumonia, deforestation, loss of prairie dogs.
They prey on prairie dogs, but now that people
are hunting for them, there habitat is shrinking Females are called jills
males are called hobs
babies are called kits. Breeding: Black footed ferrets
breeding season is March-April.
The babies are usually born at
May-June. the size of litter ranges
to 1-7 but normally, 3-4 are born.
but they don't go outside untill they
are six weeks old There are only 694- 700 black
footed ferrets left in the world. An interesting website is Did you know.... Biodiversity is very important
because if one animal is
extict, then the whole
food chain will be. Interesting fact:
The black footed
ferret was once
presumed extict,
then a colony was
found in Wyoming.
They have raised in
captivity and released
in several areas. Why is biodiversity important... Thank you for
Hope you liked
our presantation!!!
which mean they
have a backbone How we can help them...
stop buying there fur
do not hunt for prairie dogs.
go on www.blackfootedferret.org
and donate some money to
help them. video Fun Fact! Behavior Solitary
young are playful
variety of young vocalizations
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