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Faster R-CNN

No description

Jon Rayner

on 16 September 2017

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Transcript of Faster R-CNN

- Combines a Region Proposal Network (RPN) and a Region-based Convolutional Network (R-CNN)
- Wading through complicated distribution code with no time to train
- Running on AWS GPU instance, tried Azure as well
Chasing the Faster R-CNN
William Grunow, Sicelukwanda Zwane,
Zainoolabadien Karim, Jonathan Rayner
- SOTA accuracy and faster than previous R-CNN's
- In principle the code works, but more training time needed
- Gunzip, MTN, and Pizza
- "Running" 6 GB mem networks on 4 GB GPU's
- Uploading image data to the cloud, then deleting it accidentally, breaking TensorFlow several times, trying to run convnets on CPU's
Thanks for the competition
and to the organizers!
code used from https://github.com/yhenon/keras-frcnn
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