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Tackling The "T" Word

No description

Johnathon Allen

on 11 November 2015

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Transcript of Tackling The "T" Word

Tell me one thing you HATE about the technology you use everyday...
Be Innovative!
-Use websites like Pinterest, Tagboard, and Instagram to find new ideas

-Discover HASHTAGS and use them appropriately!

- Read School Counselor Blogs :)

... Binders?
What is technology?
SO how do we go about making change for the better?
Tackling The "T" Word
Why are we so afraid of technology?
Some simple commands:
*To Make Our Lives Easier

*To Engage Our Students

*To comply with all the stuff that is required of us without losing our minds... SERIOUSLY!
F8 F8 F4- Student Records
F6- Transcripts
F12 F1 F4- Next Year Sch.
F4 F1- Classes by Term
F9 F3- Students in a class
-Johnathon Allen, M.Ed
School Counselor
Terre Haute North Vigo HS

Some background:
*Graduated from ISU
*Elementary Counselor
*High School Counselor
-2014... to now...
Google Drive
Ask yourself: WHAT
do you need the technology for...
Reasons for Technology:
A quick exercise...

Please get out your phones and open up a web browser
(Chrome, Safari, etc.)

Type in the web address bar:
HAL 9000?
(who, by the way, was more up-to-date than AS 4000)
Go to Evernote and create a free account...

(Now, you can make a Premium account, but come on, we work in Public Education- who has $$ for that? Go get it free)
After you log in, you will have a screen that looks like this.
How many different hats do you wear as a counselor?
On the Main Screen, click "+ New Note" and type you note in real time!
I make the title the date so that I can sort easily (remember they are categorized by Notebook)
You can also take a picture with your smartphone, IPad, etc. and attach an agenda to the document!

Find what works for you!

Don't be afraid to branch out

Keep being awesome!
Please use Dropbox!
Ditch the flashdrive (you will drop it and break it and cry)
Sidenote... is a website where you can shorten links to other websites
Apps :)
Don't be afraid to try new apps on your smartphone or iPad
And if you don't have new technology for your position...
Use social network!
Ignoring it isn't going to make it go away-
Connect to the students where they are while also following your district's codes and policies.
Twitter is often a "more acceptable" form of relaying info to students quickly.
(from Greek
, "art, skill, cunning of hand"; and -
*the collection of techniques, skills, methods and processes used in the production of goods or services or in the accomplishment of objectives, such as scientific investigation.
Why do we use technology?
In the camera option, you can also take pictures of business cards and Evernote will take all the contact information and store it in the note!
Make a seperate "Notebook" for contacts and say goodbye to a desk drawer full of business cards!
Once you create an account, it creates a folder on your computer.
This folder is just like any other folder... except it SYNCS ONLINE!

You can have these folders on MULTIPLE computers and the data in them are always the same!
No more "oh, that (thing) is (at my other school, my home computer, that
flashdrive, etc.)
*There's also an app for Apple & Android so you can access ANY data from your phone, tablet, computer, etc!
QR Codes!
3D barcode
I have seen them used for games on Technology Day, to post contact information, College questions, websites, etc.
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