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e-Zyvec: another way to perform your genetic engineering

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sylvain julien

on 17 October 2017

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Transcript of e-Zyvec: another way to perform your genetic engineering

Hi, we are e-Zyvec.

We would like to invite you
to change your old ways
in Molecular Biology...

You are...
a biologist
doing R&D
in public or private lab
You need...
Plenty of those
(and all differents)
And/or some rather complicated ones
(that no-one is selling)
But you don't have...
Time to spend on this
All the needed resources or skills
We are a team of seasoned biologists
specialized in genetic engineering

We developed and patented a method of DNA assembly that we use to create
tailor-designed DNA vectors
We are offering to generate your personnalized molecular tools
What is

- to prepare your insert

- to get the best vector you can for your project (purchase or freezer retrieval)
Classical molecular cloning requires:
- to get your way around enzymes and kits
This should be easy...
but it is often tedious, error prone and
you rarely get the exact vector you actually need
for your project
e-Zyvec Assembly
There is
no vector backbone
, so you can create any vector you require (up to 15Kb)
You can integrate
any genetic function

you need for your application
By modular assembly we construct
large series in one go
, simply mixing the right DNA bricks in different tubes
We aim to bring molecular cloning from an analogical state to the
digital era
So, how do we work?
First, we talk...
...Then we build.
1. Select or create required DNA bricks
(Hi-Fi PCR, gene synthesis)
2. Vectors Assembly
(1 step - 1 tube / vector)
3. Product control
(Restriction digest &
Sanger sequencing)
Your products
We will ship your fully personnalized DNA vectors:

Ready to use
(transformation, transfection)

Compatible with all current applications

Without any IP claim from us
regarding the content
We control the design to the nucleotide, and easily manage
multiple mutations and fusions
Our fees
Tailored services means
tailored fees.
We will not give you a standard unit price or a standard delay here, as there is no standard research project.
Each quoting is calculated for the best value from the number and the complexity of the constructs once the technical requirements are defined.
Just so you know, prices for not too overly sophisticated vectors will start from 300€ with a delivery within 4 to 8 weeks. Beware that volumes will significantly decrease
unit costs without increasing
delivery time much.
you are looking for
a fast, efficient, accurate
and affordable way to construct the vectors of your dreams...
We are listening to you.
This presentation was build up using Icons and Music under Creative Commons License. Here are the names of the artists that contributed, for Icons:
Eucalyp, H Alberto Gongora, Gerald Wildmoser, Creative Stall, Tim Madle, Joseph L Elsbemd, Tas, Gan Khoon Lay, Javier Cabezas, Arthur Shlain, alvarobueno, Lluisa Iborra, Danil Polshin, Jakob Vogel, Patricia, Felipe Perucho
(all from Noun project), for Music:
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