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Week 12 Assignment

No description

matt hoge

on 23 April 2014

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Transcript of Week 12 Assignment

Readability - easy to read, follow and understand?
Evaluation methodology - sound or questionable?
Contained all the necessary component sections of a final evaluation report?
Suggestions to make the evaluation better?
Learned something new about doing evaluation reports?
I found the Evaluation easy to read follow and understand. However, It was a little difficult identifying the components of an evaluation report because some of the components were not clearly stated but rather implied.
The evaluation felt to me a little lacking. Maybe the reason why is because it didn't have all the components of an evaluation report. I would suggest adding:
1. Background information about the program.
2. Clearly outline the summary and results.
3. Collect more data. Interviewing the program director is helpful for research but it may result in some bias.
The Evaluation Methodology was to basically do three things:
1. Read the grant proposal and quarterly reports
2. Interview the project director
3. Viewed the I-Docs digital database

This methodology is sound to me but seems to be lacking. For a more accurate evaluation, some more data collecting would be more reasonable for better findings.
Necessary components:
-Summary=yes, although not clearly outlined.
-Purposes of the evaluation=yes, clearly outlined.
-Background Information concerning the program=no
-Description of the evaluation study and design=yes, clearly outlined
-Results=yes, but not clearly outlined
-Discussion of the program and its results and findings=yes
-Conclusions and Recommendations=yes

It was a really good review for me to look over the components of an evaluation report.

One thing I learned was that every evaluation report is different. The components of a good evaluation report outline may not be specifically addressed or mentioned (like a cover page in this instance). Perhaps because it isn't requested by the program? I also learned that the formats can be different too. Usually the summary is at the end but that may not be the case with all evaluations.
What surprised me about this evaluation was its simplicity. It made me think that perhaps I can do one too!

It was only 3 pages and the data collecting seemed simple but pratical.
Matt Hoge EDTECH 505
Week 12 Assignemt
Critique of Project:
Lili-Quick Docs (State Documents Digitization Project)

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