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Nuggets for Nines

Important info for grade 9 students starting at Horton High School

Kevin Carver

on 25 August 2015

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Transcript of Nuggets for Nines

Student Email: You'll Need It For
Classes and to Access Horton WI-FI
Student email is now @gnspes.ca

Your teacher or Mr. Prescott can assist you in setting up or accessing your student email if you are having difficulties.

If you used a
email, you MUST switch over to GNSPES.

See Mr. Prescott
You need your GNSPES username and password to access WI-FI at Horton (and other schools) as well as the NS Virtual School and Moodle. The WI-FI network name is AVRSBNET.
Horton WI-FI
Nuggets for Nines!
Locks and Lockers
Locker Numbers:

Beginning with 1 - LOWER wings
Beginning with 2 - UPPER wings
Ending with 000-500 - WEST wing
Ending with 501-999 - EAST wing
Locker 1247:
Locker 2690:
Locker 1673:
Locker 2389:
How to Open a Lock
Be sure to LOCK your lock securely each time you leave your locker. You are responsible for the lock until it is returned in June.
Locks are to remain on lockers and are not to be taken home. Personal locks are NOT permitted on Horton lockers; they will be removed and discarded.
Room Locations
Most room numbers follow the same rule as lockers. The exceptions are music, drama, gym and a few tech labs.
Fine Arts Wing
The music room, drama studio and Performance Centre may all be accessed via the Fine Arts Wing, which is located at the back of the cafeteria.
Other Areas
The gym is located off the cafeteria. The business tech lab is at the entrance to the Upper East (Yellow) wing. Room 1118 (Tech Ed Lab) is off the cafeteria. Resource Rooms 2410 & 2412 are above the cafeteria, across from the staff room. Library is "behind" the cafeteria, near the bus area.
The Wings
UPPER WEST: Social Studies, Art, French, Business Education
UPPER EAST: Science, Career Access
LOWER WEST: Tech Ed, English, Resource
LOWER EAST: Math, Family Studies, Physical Education

Wings are also denoted by colour!
Home Rooms
Students are expected to go to home room each day for the first 3 weeks in order to receive important information, be assigned a locker, submit forms and fees, and allow the school to determine our exact student population. You will receive report cards throughout the year from your home room teacher. You will also be called by home room for school photos.
Cafeteria Service
Griffy's Grill is open all day from early morning (before classes) until the end of lunch break. It closes briefly during class change time and for staff breaks. Menu is available at the counter OR via our school website. Daily specials are advertised on the website and on the Griffy's Grill calendar.
Breakfast Program
FREE breakfast is available each morning to anyone who needs a snack before classes. Those who are able to contribute to the breakfast program are encouraged to donate at any time.
Pre-Ordering Items
Certain sandwiches, salads and wraps are available for pre-order each day (before classes or at recess) for pick up at lunch break. Check with the cafeteria staff for more information on this service.
Out of Bounds Areas
Grade 9 students are NOT permitted in any of the following areas:

• Smoking Section
• Woods surrounding Horton
• Embankment toward Highway 101
• Any space not designated as school grounds

NO HANGING in the parking lot OR leaving school grounds during the day
Sign In ~ Sign Out
Students who arrive at school after classes have begun MUST sign in at the Service Desk.

Students who wish to leave before the end of the day MUST be signed out by a parent or guardian at the Service Desk.
Most announcements are submitted to the office for the "scrollies" which are projected school-wide each day between periods 1 and 2. The scrollies are also shown in the cafeteria at recess and lunch - and may also be viewed on the school web site.
Students are expected to show respected to presenters when attending all assemblies. This includes removing hats, keeping the noise level down, turning off cell phones and other devices, and NOT climbing over seats (or putting feet up on them).
Care of Personal Property
Students are encouraged to exercise caution regarding what they bring to school. Money, electronic devices and other valuables should NEVER be left unattended; the school is not responsible for lost or stolen items. Please keep them on your person or use your locker.
Horton Computers
During non-class time, some teachers may open labs near their rooms for student use. There are also computers for student use in Student Services.
Your Account
You will receive instructions on how to login from your teachers. Acceptable use policy is in the Student Agenda.
As Horton embraces the Google Education environment and apps - and students receive ChromeBook computers - the way in which students and teachers share and submit work will change considerably.
Your Horton computer account is initially set up with $3 in print credit. Most printers in the school cost $0.05 per page. Colour printers and Student Services printer cost more. Additional print credit may be purchased as needed at the office.
Any vandalism or misuse of Horton computers will result in the immediate loss of computer privileges and possibly additional punitive measures.
Student Portal
You will use the Student Portal to check on your marks and attendance. In the Spring, you will register for next year's courses via the Portal. Instructions for accessing the Portal may be found on the Horton website.
The Horton Website
You are encouraged to explore Horton's website, which contains the Student Agenda (Handbook), information about Horton's history, the Student Portal, school rules, daily announcements, staff email addresses, Students Council, registering for courses, food service, athletics, library services and much more.
Teams, Clubs, Activities
Horton offers a host of extra-curricular activities for all grade levels. Grade 9's are encouraged to make Horton YOUR school by getting involved. Join a team; run for Grade 9 Rep on Students Council; join a club; be part of a Students Council committee; participate in events like dances, frosh week, carnival; come out to a music concert; audition for a variety show - there's LOTS to do!
School Supplies
Should you find yourself jammed and in need of something for school, check at the Admin Office. We just might have what you're looking for. Items like pens, pencils, erasers, glue sticks, looseleaf, folders, USB drives, coloured pencils and more are available. A complete list is on our website, under
Campus Shop
Students who become unwell during the school day may, with assistance from staff, wait in sickbay for a drive home (or to the doctor/hospital).

Please refer to the online Student Handbook for complete details on sickbay.
Harvey Studios will take school photos in September and will return in October for retakes and for students who were absent in September.

You MUST have a photo taken in order to receive an ID card, which must be shown to gain access to dances and other Horton events sponsored by Students Council.
ID cards are issued to all students who have paid their student fee.

Note: You may take a photo of your ID with your cell phone or iPod and show that at dances rather than the actual card.
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