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Automotive digital diary

No description

Kevin O'Neill

on 15 November 2013

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Transcript of Automotive digital diary

Automotive digital diary
design by Dóri Sirály for Prezi
How would it work?
Design theory I used
Diary becomes part of learning environment, student’s record their hours of work experience and are told material posted can be used for prior learning for assessment.
Use questionnaires and online surveys.
Use data collected from analyzing student use and trends.
Collect data from facilitators on integration to course
What is a Digital diary?

Utilize current digital media that students already use and are confident with.

• Provide a medium that is accessible and available at all times locally and nationally.

• To create a living diary that the students use to show, share and learn from their and others experiences in the automotive industry.

• Electronic formats are becoming the preferred medium of information in industry.

• Creates a link to students when off campus.
• An electronic diary of student’s experiences and thoughts.
• Have students digitally record their experiences to do with automotive experiences they have.

• Questions from students or facilitators can be answered/discussed online. Creating a network of information.

• Encourage student/facilitator discussion on student interests and current learning material.

Digital links
• Use these experiences as a record of prior learning towards learning outcomes.

• Provides support for students when they are off site.

• Gather information from student trends to improve
automotive course now and in the future.

• Utilize current digital media that students already use and are confident with.

• Provides support for students when they are off site.

• Allows an insight to student’s prior knowledge and learning trends.

• Have a central point for students and facilitators to communicate away from class that is neutral and available at all times.
Why use a digital diary?

• Integrate more of the level 3 automotive course into online/digital format.

• Make course available to distance learning.

• Reduce time required at polytechnic and encourages active learning outside of class.

• Expose’s students to more content and others experiences giving greater scope/depth to students.

• Gets the students prepared for ongoing training in the industry (apprenticeship)

• Becomes a digital CV for students to show possible employers.

Need more information?
Go to my blog @
Need an example? go to
What will you use this information for?
By monitoring the above factors constant improvement and adaptation of the digital diary can be implemented, this ensures the success of the diary.
How it is used for assessment can be analyzed to further improve the concept and allowing for a larger content of the course to be online.
This will mean the content and material can be kept more relevant and current to reflect modern practice in the industry.
Not only will the information be used for just the digital diary, it can be used to adapt and keep the whole course up to date and relevant to modern practice and expectations of the stake holders.
Also keep the content fresh for student and facilitator alike.

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