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Cardboard Economics

No description

Jeffrey Vierra

on 8 September 2015

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Transcript of Cardboard Economics

Cardboard Economics
Month 1
Goals : Develop Theme + Medium (components)
The PDSA Cycle
Project Goals
Design/develop a board game
Incorporate economic/financial concepts into the game
Incorporate the PDSA systematic cycle
Explore the world of analogue games
Each Instructor will have access to our game library
The Why, When, Where, What
Orientation & Gameplay
Month 1
Place & Setting
The Where, When?
Month 1
Physical Representation of your game
The What?
Month 1
Design Document = Game Manual
Journal : Progress as a
Design Document/Journal
Living Document
Month 1
Where your game is going to take place --> THEME
What will the physical represenation of your game be?
Design Document
Month 2
Goals : Mechanics + Prototype
Month 2
Research - Identify Game Mechanics
Dice Rolling
Cooperative Play
Deck Building
Set Collection
Month 2
Design Document
How does a player win?
How does a player loose?
What does a player do on his turn?
When does a game end?
How do you prepare the game space? - game setup
How many players to play?
Month 2
Quick and playable
Don't get caught up on the art
May need to modify
Month 3
What is the player's goal?
Month 3
Goals: Play-testing
Month 3
Create Internal Play-test Document
Used to play-test your game internally
Month 3
Used to play-test your game externally
Month 3
Internal Play-test
Modify Game Mechanics & Game Design Document if necessary
Month 3
External Play-test
Invite Parents
Month 2
Game prototype
Established game mechanics
Month 4
Goals: Production
Month 4
Design your theme
Month 4
Convert Design Document to Rulebook
Illustrate components
Month 4
Submit game to be produced
Game approval
Month 4
Produced Game
End of dev/design cycle
Art Aesthtics
Pre- Production
Include Economic / Financial Concepts
Fun game
Internal/external play-testing
Enough constrants in place to provide equal game play for all
Create external Play-test Document
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