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MDT Roleplay Activity

No description

Careers Hub

on 19 July 2017

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Transcript of MDT Roleplay Activity

Group Activity
Delayed Discharge
Groups of 5
Each take on a role as health care professional
Operational Manager will write notes and report back
Clues in the paper work
Not necessarily one right answer

10 minutes for the morning meeting
Update and staff moves
10 minutes for the afternoon meeting
Report back final plan
Jobs in the NHS
With more than 350 different careers on offer, there is a job for you no matter what your interests, skills or qualifications
Final Question
How many of you are now considering a career in the NHS?
Morning Meeting
Read your role description
Explain to each other what each of you do
Come up with an initial plan
This isn't the final discharge plan
Afternoon Meeting
What has changed since this morning?
Does this change how you will proceed?
What's your final plan for Sally?
Report Back
In your browser go to the following address:
Introduction & Background
You all work for an Acute General Hospital
Multi-disciplinary meeting
You are discussing discharge planning
You all have a different role to play
You are hoping to discharge Sally today
Acute General Hospital
Multi-Disciplinary Teams
Importance of Speedy Discharge
• Reduces bed blockages
• Reduces costs
• Better experience for the patient
• Reduces risk of infection
Sally's Situation
Third fall this year
Pain in right side
Lonely, no family nearby
Putting on weight
Could recover in care
Team Members
Ward manager
Geriatric Consultant
Occupational Therapist
Operational Manager
All the information you need to start you on your journey in a career with the NHS

Health sector structure
Specific information about careers in the NHS
Insight into the many roles
Entry requirements
Working life and salaries
Role progression

Easy to navigate
Explore Different Roles
Different routes within roles
View Role Details
Learn more information
Step into the NHS
Profession ideas to look into that may suit you!
Benefits to working
for the NHS
Impact on people's lives
Incremental pay scale
Positive working conditions
Beneficial employment policies
Great pension
NHS Staff discounts
NHS Discounts
Final Evaluation
Answer the rest of the questions and turn over the sheet
Careers Hub
Support to young people
Information and signposting
Resources, events and opportunities
Links to local providers

Website: gmcareershub.nhs.uk
Email: careers.hub@cmft.nhs.uk
Twitter: @GMCareersHub
Facebook: GMCareersHub

Can you name some NHS roles?
How many NHS roles are there?
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