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Online iPad Mini Deployment (Epic and K-2)

No description

Trey Katzer

on 29 July 2016

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Transcript of Online iPad Mini Deployment (Epic and K-2)

iPad Mini Orientation
Digital Transformation Orientation
Welcome and Introductions
Presentation Overview
Link to presentation can be found on building web page or directly at http://tinyurl.com/lpsipads

Liberty L.E.A.D.S.
Digital Transformation
The Device
Image by goodtextures: http://fav.me/d2he3r8
chieving, and
iscovering with

"Do not confine your children to your own learning, for they were born in another time."
Hebrew Proverb
Apple iPad Mini
High School Level
MacBook Airs 9-12
Second year for entire student body
Middle Level
MacBook Airs 8th Grade
Chromebooks Grades 6-7
Elementary Level
iPad Mini grades K-2
Chromebook grades 3-5
Epic Elementary iPads grades K-5

Device Deployments
About the Device
Out of the Box
Working Offline
Internet Safety
Purchasing Insurance
Device FAQ's

iPads will allow you to utilize installed applications when you are not connected to the internet. However, if the application requires access to the internet to retrieve content, you will not be able to use it.

Options for access at school
Library before and after school
Late bus possibilities. Check with building for options.

Internet Safety
Working Offline
Remember, any picture posted online can NEVER be totally removed...ever.
Consider your future and protect yourself now!
Consider reviewing online safety information at sites like http://www.getsafeonline.org and http://www.themoreyouknow.com/.
There is a filter on your student device that works at school.
The filter will also work on both devices when at home or any other network.
Remember that filters are not 100% effective.
Parents, don't hesitate to ask students to keep the laptop in family spaces where they can be supervised. Monitor what they are doing.
Device FAQ's
We do have a frequently asked question web site that will hopefully answer any questions you might have. It includes information presented in this orientation as well as some other general information.

(Link to site here)

Student Help
Contact your student's teacher or administrator
See the LMC Staff
Wrapping UP
Survey Links
Digital Transformation Site
Q & A
Survey Information
We will be asking that students and parents complete surveys throughout the year. This will assist us in modifying the program as we progress as well as plan for future opportunities. Surveys will be anonymous.

The student surveys will be completed in class.

Please "Favorite" our web site
To review information about the deployment or find additional information, visit our website:


Questions and Answers
What questions do you have?
Why expose students to technology?
Lillian Schumacher: Mr. Chris Gabriel
Kellie Konrad & Kurt Langhorst

Manor Hill: Mrs. Valerie Utecht
Kelley Owen & Susan Robinson

Lewis & Clark: Dr. Kyle Palmer
Amy Williams, Allie Raney & Brandon Lewis
Elementary Classrooms
Heritage: Mr. Scott Carr
Kelly Minter
Sarah Schnegelberger
Tara Zuber
Michael Kallal

Discovery: Dr. Julie Moore
Carrie Sparks
Alison Otte
Lisa Samson
Laura Smith

Middle Level Classrooms
Liberty MIddle: Mr. Dan Weakley
Kelli Canfield
Amanda Primm
Corey Munson
Kevin Baker

South Valley: Mrs. Jill Mullen
Brian VanHauen
Diana Block
James Bruce
Matt Gall
Until insurance is purchased, students will check the device in and out through the library media center each day.

MacBook Air
$40 yearly insurance premium per student - $20 for students participating in the free and reduced lunch program

Not Purchasing Insurance
If you choose not to purchase insurance the device will remain at school and/or in the classroom
If device is damaged student would be responsible for full repair cost as identified in board policy JN
If you purchase insurance but still wish the device to remain at school, please contact the building administrator


iPad Mini
$40 deductible per incident - $20 for students participating in the free and reduced lunch program

Lost or Stolen Devices
$100 deductible per incident regardless of free and reduced status for lost or stolen devices

Note: If there is damage or loss of any issued item that is less than the deductible amount then the student will only be charged the actual replacement cost.
What are you getting?

iPad Mini
Protective Case

Note: All items issued will need to be returned at the end of the year. There will be a charge for any missing items.

Parent-Student Support
Contact your student's teacher
Building Administrators
FAQ page at http://leads.liberty.k12.mo.us/faq1
Purchasing Insurance
Purchase insurance online at https://www.one2onerisk.com/.
You will need to know your child's student ID. If you do not know the ID number you can do the following:
Contact the school
Log into the parent portal on Power School and view the A+ atom. The number will be at the top left.
Have your child log onto the following site with their District username and password: https://web.liberty.k12.mo.us/forms/stuidlookup/

When purchasing insurance you can pay by credit card or electronic check. You can use cash to purchase a prepaid card from the school and register that card online.

When registering be sure to register with the email address that you want to receive notices for claims, etc.

NOTE: For those in the free/reduced lunch program, if the waiver has not been signed to release information the total cost will not show up correctly. Please contact the school to get a form or download one from the building website. If you have questions or concerns please visit with building principals.
Deployment Day
Different topics covered include
Device Basics and Device Care
Digital Citizenship
Browser Personalization
Apple setup
Home Use
Expectations After Deployment
What kids need to do each day with device preparation for school
Applications and personalization of devices
Will they be used all day everyday?
Set home expectations/boundaries early
Apple ID's

If you are familiar with Apple products you know most everything operates through an Apple ID. The student devices are different because they will be utilizing managed Apple ID's. Below is basic information about managed ID's.
Managed ID's are created by the school
They do not connect to the App Store
Students will utilize self-service to download apps. Apps are placed into self-service by District staff
The App Store will not be available on student iPads
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