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Softwares Used by Districts

No description

Kayla Picchi

on 28 April 2015

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Transcript of Softwares Used by Districts

Softwares Used by School Districts
Blackboard Engage
(Formally Edline)
(Division of Software Answers)
Highlights of Features:
Designed for grades K-12
Meant to encompass holistic child through individualized education
Built to connect teachers, students, and parents in collaborative environment
Tracks student through entire educational career, longitudinal software
Allows customized goals and educational plans for each student
Highlights of Features:
Available for grades K-12
All the same products and tools as Blackboard
Connects all class levels and clubs/ sports
Includes blogs and tools for classroom management
Parents have access to view all of children, even if they're in different districts
Highlights of Features:
Used by over 700 districts in the U.S
Good for districts of all sizes, from 100-25,000
Aligns education with Common Core and state standards
Streamlines teacher processes
Connects parents, teachers, and students

Products Available:
EasyGrade Pro
Teacher Web

Products Include:
StudentInformation (DASL)

Products Include:
Part of eScholar Complete Data Warehouse
Personal Goals
Organizational Goals
Intervention Goals
Career Goals

“eScholar is a strategic partner in Cumberland County’s mission to improve the education outcomes of our students, teaching methods and ability to qualify our results. eScholar shares Cumberland’s vision that education starts with the individual student and helping them achieve their goals.”

—Ruben A. Reyes,
Executive Director, Exceptional Children’s Services,

Cumberland County Schools, NC
(Division of eScholar)
"I used ProgressBook while student teaching and while I loved using it, it was really hard to get students and parents on board with it in the district I was in. Students didn't know their usernames and passwords, and most parents weren't that interested in their child's education, which is sad, but that's how the culture of that district was. Also, on ProgressBook, teachers could access parent contact info which was nice! It was also nice to use because when students had missing work, you could run reports that showed their grades, what they were missing, etc. There were SO many features to it, many of which I didn't use, but I loved using it nonetheless."

-Heather Baker
EDT 422 Associate
"Edline is an invaluable academic communication tool. Parent's primary request has always been more communication on all levels and Edline allows the school to provide this. Now that we have this wonderful tool it's the parent's responsibility to keep the doors of communication open. This is the #1 most valuable tool that educators have with parents for academic and social communication.
Schools that don't have a web site can use Edline as an on-line tool for communication. Edline in conjunction with Administrator's Plus is everything that a parent could want. Edline provides Daily news, calendars, reports, grades, and much much more. It's clearly the New Bulletin Communication Tool."
Alba Wilcox, Principal
Jesus Chapel School
El Paso, Texas
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