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Deploying SharePoint 2016 in Azure IaaS

No description

Clint Richardson

on 6 April 2018

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Transcript of Deploying SharePoint 2016 in Azure IaaS

Clint Richardson
Infrastructure Consultant @AISTeam
Working with SharePoint since 2007
Specialize in Administration/Architecture
MCITP SharePoint 2010 & 2007
MCSE SharePoint 2013
MCSE Productivity
Blog: blog.appliedis.com
Twitter: @ClinteRich
Image Courtesy: Matt Hester
Different IaaS Vendors
Azure IaaS
Azure Stack (Private IaaS)
Google IaaS*
Supported Workloads
Please ask
IaaS Introduction
Farm Design in Iaas
Storage Design
SQL Design
Wrap Up
Thank You!
in Azure IaaS
Deploying SharePoint 2016
Disaster Recovery
What isn't Supported
Office Web Apps/OOS
Scale Sets for Auto-Scaling
Azure SQL (SaaS)
Azure AD Domain Services
Server Core/Nano
Multiple Models in Azure
Azure Resource Manager (ARM)
Azure Classic or Azure Service Manager (ASM)
New Deploy: Use ARM
Farm Design
Key Points
Plan, Plan, then Plan more!
Understand the requirements
If you deploy incorrectly its going to cost you $$$
Required Azure Components
Resource Groups
Storage Accounts
Availability Sets
So what does all this look like?
Important Azure Info
Every VM is 2x2 to meet SLA
99.95% with avail set
99.9% single w/prem storage
MinRole is your friend
Storage is a huge factor (more to come)
What VM sizes do I use?
Prod: DS4/DS13 for Search
Dev/test: DS3
POC: A2m_v2
Key Concepts
Production must use premium for Search and SQL
For standard attach max disks and stripe w/storage spaces
Use LRS for Disks
Different Billing Models
Storage Account 20K IOPS
Flexibility: 1 to 1 Storage account and VM
Alternate: Manage Disks
Additional Storage Info
Not JUST about IOPS
Throughput and total bandwidth are important too
Small IO Max out IOPS
Large IO Max out Throughput
Dont mix high spec VM w/low spec storage
SQL has its own requirements (more on this)
In Closing
IaaS can bankrupt you if deployed incorrectly
Fully understand the requirement
Evaluate total cost/ROI
O365 is the future. Take a "Why not o365?" approach first.
Key Concepts
Prod SQL requires premium storage
Dev/Test can be standard
Use SSD Temp Drive
Data directly on BLOB
Backup to BLOB
SharePoint DSC
ARM Templates
Can be used for initial build but so much more is possible
Set of scripts that let you enforce a "Desired Configuration" on one or more farms
Pull or push on a schedule
Think GPO for SharePoint
Reverse DSC can also be used to configure mirrored environments
JSON templates used to deploy resources to Azure
Can also call scripts stored in source control (GitHib)
Install and deploy base networking and servers then move on to discreet SP scripting to fine tune
Can manually build then capture in ARM template to roll out or repeat build in other subs/regions
Standard PoSh
Azure ARM PowerShell module
Standard PowerShell so not as steep of a learning curve if already comfortable with PoSh.
Many examples of scripts from MSFT and the community
Easy to integrate with other existing on-prem scripts or with Azure Automation
Wrap Up
*Prod only w/Premium Storage
Azure Components Conti.
LB/Traffic Distribution
Domain Services
Monthly $
SSD Temp
Office 365 PSA
Office 365 is the future
MSFT investing most here
Take an o365 first approach
Features ship first to o365
Never upgrade again!
Contact Info
*MSFT only owes you "Reasonable Support" on Non-Azure platforms
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