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Olathe Trash Day App City Council Presentation

No description

Jamie Shockley

on 13 November 2014

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Transcript of Olathe Trash Day App City Council Presentation

What Does It Do?
Customized Collection Schedule Calendars
Reminders via text, email, Twitter, phone call, or push notification straight to the mobile device.
Push Notification
What are the Benefits to the City?
Less Customer Confusion Regarding Recycling and Holiday Collection Schedule Changes
Campaign/Messaging Component
Emergency/Service Disruption Notifications
Phone Call
How Did We Get the Word Out?
Social Media
Weekly News Briefs
Olathe Link Newsletter & Utility Bills
Sticky Note Campaign
Promotional Commercial
How Did We Get the Word Out?
News Release, Facebook, and Promotional Commercial:
Week of November 22, 2013
1,627 Total Reach
854 Video Views
Addresses Searched Increased 369%
Active Reminders Increased 887%
App Downloads Increased 651%
1,101 Unique Addresses Searched
399 Active Reminders Set Up
313 Mobile App Downloads
Twitter Ad:
Week of December 4-8, 2013
4,026 Impressions
262 Clicks
3 Replies
55 New Followers
Addresses Searched Increased 16%
Active Reminders Increased 22%
App Downloads Increased 18%
Sticky Note Campaign:
December 16-25, 2013
Addresses Searched Increased 122%
Active Reminders Increased 289%
App Downloads Increased 310%
Olathe Link Newsletter:
December 26 - January 8

Addresses Searched Increased 110%
Active Reminders Increased 89%
App Downloads Increased 87%
Where Are We Today?
What's the Trash Talk?
"I love my city and their trash texts! Makes my life easy. Is this #trashtalk? #Olathe, please talk dirty to me. @OlatheGovNews." --Diana via Twitter
"OMG, THAT IS THE BEST PROMOTIONAL VIDEO OF RECOLLECT I'VE EVER SEEN! Amazing work. Please forgive the shouting." --Chief Technology Officer of ReCollect
"I really like this app. It does one thing very well: removing the anxiety around trash day." --Brian
This app is really cool @OlatheGovNews! I'm always wondering if its trash and recycling day or just trash. Not anymore!" --Jeff via Twitter
"I just watched the "Trash Day App" commercial!!! Oh. My. Goodness! That was super fun and started my day with a great laugh. Whoever put it together is awesome!" --Brenda
"Just downloaded this app, and I love it! I can never remember when it's recycling day. What a great idea! --Crystal via Facebook
"This app is awesome and so is Olathe! Just another reason why I love living in this City!" --Review found in App Store
"This app is why Olathe is awesome! @OlatheGovNews" --Jarred via Twitter
"This is a very helpful app. I no longer wonder when to put out the recyclables. Thanks Olathe!" --Review found in the App Store
Challenges/Lessons Learned
Employee/Council Buy-In
Incorporating Trash Day into business processes
Technological Issues
Effective Communications Plan
1/3 of Olathe households currently use this service

New Feature: Waste Wizard
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