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No description

Aaron Collie

on 9 July 2015

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Transcript of FedCom

1.0 Archival Storage

3.0 Data Management
2.0 Ingest
4.0 Access
Preservation Planning
Shawn Nicholson, AD for Digital Information and Systems
Aaron Collie, Digital Curation Librarian
Lucas Mak, Cataloging & Metadata Librarian
Devin Higgins, Digital Library Programmer
Eric Weston, System Administrator
Spoiler Alert...
It's taken us 2 years to get from "what is Fedora Commons?" to production ready. Not sure if that is good or bad.
We've just rolled out our first development sprint.
We aren't yet using Archivematica in production. We hope the 1.0 release will stabilize development.
We are still working with our first collection (~2,500 Theses & Dissertations)

We surveyed our digital collections and infrastructure and conducted a "digital preservation gap analysis"
We prototyped a system that would improve these areas of need

Effective Spring 2011, MSU no longer accepts bounded dissertations and only accepts electronic submission via ProQuest
Estimated ~500-600 dissertations per year
Received every 3 hours via SFTP from ProQuest
ZIP with PDF and PQ Metadata (we'll get back to this...)
Staging 12TB
Serving 5 TB
DarkArchives 84 TB
6 months later...
Remote Backup
Tape Backup
Automated Technical and Preservation Metadata Extraction
Uses FITS, which itself packages:
National Library of New Zealand Metadata Extractor
File Utility
Even better, it describes all of the preservation actions taken during ingest and PREMIS events
Standardized archival packages
Creates bagit compliant AIPs
Programmatic access
Self-contained archival package
Fits our infrastructure for storing preservation masters
Interesting philosophy and roadmap
Linux dependency pipelines
Open source, encourages contribution
Or, SLAs
Roadmap indicates greater monitoring of AIPs
Among other things, Islandora builds off of the content model architecture to provide standardized handling (derivatives, content, display) of basic content types such as books, newspapers, images and video.
This is programmatic access. Alternatives are Tuque, Fcrepo, etc
Catalog data
Adds our derived metadata as an in-line XML datastream to the digital object
Fedora GSearch 2.6
Apache Solr 4.2.0
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