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Alex Kane

on 26 April 2017

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Transcript of Untitled Prezi

Guide to Collegiate Club Baseball
Chapter 4a: Preseason Operation Within the NCBA
Pre-Season Paperwork
New Teams
Be sure you’ve submitted your New Team League Participation Agreement and Registration Form and that you have paid your $600 registration fee. Contact Director of Team Development, Alex.Kane@CollClubSports.com 412-321-8440 x105, to make sure your forms and money have been received and that you are officially a recognized member of the NCBA.

Returning Teams
Submit your Renewal League Participation Agreement along with an updated Registration Form by June 1st. These forms can also be downloaded from the NCBA websites (http://www.clubbaseball.org/ or http://div2.clubbaseball.org/) by clicking the “Info” tab.

NCBA Season
The NCBA season runs from February 1st-June 30th (inclusive), with the exception of the North Atlantic and Great Lakes Regions and District I, II and IV and V of Division II whose season runs from September 15 – the second Sunday in November and February 15 – June 30th. All NCBA games must be played within this time period. Games played outside of the established time frame are considered exhibition and do not count for teams’ records or players’ statistics

NCBA Season
The NCBA season is broken down into “Weeks.” Each week begins on a Monday and ends the following Sunday. You will not be assigned specific days for your conference/district games. Rather, you will be told what week you are playing your series against each team and who will be the home team. It is then up to you to contact each team in your conference to set up the date(s) and times of your games within the week you are scheduled to play (It is assumed that games are played during the weekend on a specific week).
The Scheduling Request Form
The first step to setting up your schedule is to complete and submit your Scheduling Request Form by the deadline given by your conference/district coordinator. Schedule Request Forms are usually sent out to teams sometime in August each year.

The Scheduling Request Form is a spreadsheet that each team fills out and submits to their conference or district coordinator. This helps the conference or district coordinator to make the conference or district schedule by showing when your team is available to play at home, when you are available to travel, and when you are unavailable for conference games. The Scheduling Request Form can be downloaded from the “Info” section of the NCBA websites (http://www.clubbaseball.org/ or http://div2.clubbaseball.org/) or you can request that your conference or district coordinator email you one.
Filling Out Your Scheduling Request Form
When filling out the Scheduling Request Form, you should have an academic and athletic calendar at hand. Make sure you are aware of school breaks and sporting events that will prevent you from playing on certain dates. If you share your field with another team (or teams), be sure you know when the field will be available for home games for your team.

In the first open column of the spreadsheet, list whether you would prefer to be home, away, or off for each week. If you have no preference, list “either” or “home/away.” The more available you are the better, so only give a preference if you have a specific reason. Remember, you are only making requests for your conference schedule. If you have already scheduled non-conference games, put “off” in the first column. For weeks in which a preference is not indicated, the conference or district coordinator will assume you have no preference and that your team is available for a home or away series.
Filling Out Your Scheduling Request Form Cont.
In the next column, be certain to list the reason (school break, field availability, non-conference games, weather, etc.) for your preferred location. It is extremely important that your conference or district coordinator knows the reason for your request so that he/she doesn’t think you made it arbitrarily.

In the third column, list how the weather normally is in your area that time of year (the conference or district coordinator may not be familiar). In the final column, list any games or tournaments you may have already scheduled, who they are against, and where they are being played. Submit this completed Scheduling Request Form to your conference or district coordinator via email.

Conference Games
Once the conference or district coordinator has received all of the Scheduling Request Forms, he/she will create a conference schedule. The conference schedule will tell the teams which weeks they are playing, who they are playing against, and who is the home team. As soon as you receive your schedule, begin setting up your conference games

To set up your conference games, contact the representative of the team you are scheduled to play. Confer with this team rep and decide what day(s) you will play your games during your scheduled week and what times. It is up to the home team to provide the field, umpires, and game balls for the games. Any regulation field may be used (even the away team’s field), but the team that is listed as “home” on the schedule must be home for all three games. You may want to play more than the scheduled number of games, especially if one team is traveling far and spending the night. These additional games will be considered non-conference games.

Non-Conference Games
After your conference or district schedule has been released, you are encouraged to fill in the openings in your schedule with non-conference games (but be sure to leave some time open to make up any conference games that may get rained out). Non-conference games can be against NCBA teams (even teams in your conference), non-NCBA club teams, or collegiate varsity teams. As you schedule these games, be sure to let your conference or district coordinator know so the games can be added to the website schedule.

If you plan to play games that you don’t want counted towards your overall record, these are considered exhibition games and you must notify your conference or district coordinator of them at least two days in advance. Stats and results from exhibition games do not count.

*Remember that your conference games are your top priority. Should you need to make up any conference or district games, you may have to cancel non-conference games to do so or risk being assessed forfeits for the conference or district games

Online Player Registration
Once you have held tryouts and formed your team, you will need to complete information and paperwork for your roster. Each individual player must complete an Online Player Registration. In order to begin this process, each player must click on the “Login” link in the upper right hand corner of the NCBA websites. Division I teams would go to the http://www.clubbaseball.org/ and Division II teams would go to http://div2.clubbaseball.org/. Once players click the “Login” Tab they then choose “Player Registration Login.” Players go through the Player Registration Step by Step. IT IS VERY IMPORTANT TO STRESS TO EACH PLAYER THAT THEY TAKE THEIR TIME, READ CAREFULLY AND ENTER THE INFORMATION ACCURATELY, OR ELSE IT MAY AFFECT THEIR ELIGIBILITY.
Online Player Registration Cont.
Each player that completes their registration IS NOT YET ON THE ELIGIBLE ROSTER, but they will be held in a Registration Queue. Remember, Team Managers that have a Username and Password, are able to view which of their players have completed the online registration process, but logging in and clicking on the “Registration Queue” tab. All players that have completed the Online Registration will be shown here. Players will be added to the Eligible Roster, once the Academic Eligibility Letter is submitted to the NCBA. The Academic Eligibility Letter is described below.

*It can sometimes be difficult to get all the guys to fill out the online player registration in a timely manner, so you may want to hold your first team meeting in a computer lab on campus and have all the guys sit down, and fill them out together.
Coaches/Managers Waivers
Like previous years, each coach, manager, and trainer must fill out a Coaches/Managers Participation Waiver that is designed for coaches. Anyone who is not a player but will be in the dugout or on the field during NCBA games must complete one of these waivers. The coach’s waiver can be downloaded from the “Info” section of the NCBA websites (http://www.clubbaseball.org/ or http://div2.clubbaseball.org/) or you can request it via email from your conference or district coordinator. Each waiver must be filled out completely, must be typed, and then printed and signed. The completed waivers must then be mailed in to the NCBA office.

*Coaches, managers, and trainers will not appear on your team’s roster on the website.

Academic Eligibility Letter
An Academic Eligibility Letter must be submitted containing the name of each player on your roster. This letter must list the academic requirements to play in the league as stated in the rules and must affirm that each player meets these requirements. This letter is to be typed and then signed by the Registrar or Director of Rec/Club Sports. You should submit this letter to the Registrar or Director of Rec/Club Sports as soon as you make your roster to make sure you get it back in a timely manner. Once the completed letter is signed, it should also be mailed in to the NCBA office (teams can fax or scan and email the Academic Letter).

Academic Eligibility Letter Cont.
The Academic Eligibility Letters in the Appendix as well as on the website (under the “Info” tab) are only samples. If you use one as a template, be sure to completely delete all the sample information (including the signature) and insert your school and players’ information before having it signed. Although two different examples are provided, only one letter (in the format of your choosing) needs to be submitted.

Once the NCBA receives the Academic Eligibility Letter, the NCBA will activate all players listed on the Academic Eligibility Letter that are also in the Registration Queue to the Eligible Roster. Once the Roster is listed online, then and only then are the players listed eligible to compete.

Official Roster
Each team’s official roster appears on the NCBA website. Anyone who is not on the website is not eligible to play in an NCBA game. A player will not be put on the official roster until that player has completed their online registration and his/her name is listed on an Academic Eligibility Letter. The completion of all players’ registration and the Academic Eligibility Letter should be completed no less than 2 weeks prior to your first NCBA game.

Adding Players
Players may be continually added to your roster up until April 15th or until your roster reaches the 30 player limit. Once your roster reaches 30 players, no more players can be added. However, teams can remove no more than 3 players during an NCBA season. To be eligible to be removed from the roster, it must be documented that the player in question has either: graduated, transferred to another college or university, withdrawn from the College or University, or is studying abroad for the spring semester. Also, those players being removed from the roster can only be removed between January 25th and January 31st inclusively.

To add a player, he/she must complete the online registration along with an Academic Eligibility Letter with his/her name on it to your conference or district coordinator. The player is not eligible to play in an NCBA game until he appears on your roster on the NCBA website.
Moving Players from Division II to Division I and vice versa
For schools with both a DI and DII team, they are permitted to move up to a total of 3 players up or down between the DI and DII team in a given NCBA season. No players can be moved more than once in a single NCBA season. Also, the roster spot that is left by a player who has either moved up to DI or down to DII remains filled by the no-longer eligible players and cannot be filled by another player. Therefore, no player can be eligible to play on both the DI and DII teams at the same time. The deadline for players to be moved up to DI from DII is the NCBA roster Freeze date of April 15th. The deadline for players to be moved down to DII from DI is prior to the start of the DI team’s 4th played or forfeited conference game of the season.

Moving Players from Division II to Division I and vice versa cont.
In order to officially “call up” or “send down” a player, simply notify the Division II District Coordinator and the DI Conference Coordinator in charge of the respecting team via email. The “call up” or “send down” is not official and the player is not eligible to play for the new team until he appears on the Division I or Division II roster (depending on the move) on the NCBA website
Table of Contents
Pre-Season Paperwork....................................................Slide 3
SCHEDULING.........................................................Slide 4-10
NCBA Season...............................................................Slide 4-5
Schedule Request Form...................................................Slide 6
Filling Out The Schedule Request Form.......................Slide 7-8
Conference Games...........................................................Slide 9
Non-Conference Games.................................................Slide 10
ROSTER..................................................................Slide 11-19
Online Player Registration........................................Slide 11-12
Coaches/Manager Waiver.............................................Slide 13
Academic Eligibility Form........................................Slide 14-15
Official Roster................................................................Slide 16
Adding Players...............................................................Slide 17
Moving Players From DII to DI and Vice Versa.......Slide 18-19

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