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Introduction to MTM

No description

Vimansa Kamaradiwala

on 19 February 2015

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Transcript of Introduction to MTM

Introduction to MTM
• Bugs can be entered while test run
These bugs also automatically link to the failed test case so tester can easily re-test once bug has been resolved. In addition it has ability to add comments and take screenshots.
Plus issues generate rich diagnostic information
All the system information of testing environment is captured along with the issue.

Why I like MTM as a tester
What is MTM?
Microsoft Test Manager is a test management tool introduced along with Visual Studio (2010 above) and TFS(Team Foundation Server).
This tool designed for the test professional to plan, execute, analyse, organize and track their test cases. In addition, Microsoft Test Manager can record actions, screenshots, Intellitrace logs and other diagnostic data. It also provide facility to manage lab environments which allows testers to manage tests across multiple virtual environments
MTM installed along with Visual Studio Ultimate, Visual Studio Premium, or Visual Studio Test Professional.
Where to get MTM?
MTM is built specifically for testers to be able to interact with other members of the team.
So No More 'Cannot reproduce' ...
Shared Steps
Many tests require lot of similar steps...
Many tests require same sequence of steps to be performed for multiple test scripts within particular test suite.
Eg-Log in to system
With shared steps feature ,you can define sequence of steps once and insert it to multiple test cases.
Aslo which means that you only have to make that change in one place and it will automatically be reflected in all the test cases that use created shared step
Need to run manual test case with different data ??
MTM allows to repeat test with different data by adding parameters to test script.
Track progress of test
You can track progress of test suites immediately after run tests.
All the steps on the test case that tester took up to the moment he entered bug is copied automatically to the bug.
You can also monitor the progress of your test plan.This result section contains charts and numerical statistics on the test in your test plan.Results can be filtered to specify the test suites and test configurations.
Easily search for work items using queries.
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