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No description

Lesley Younge

on 17 September 2013

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Transcript of Revolution

The Roots
Preparation and Professional Development
The Teaching
The Learning
Goal Setting
More Creativity
More Collaboration
More Independence
Better Assessment
6 years of teaching
with a 1:1 device ratio!
Logistical planning meetings for storage and charging
Rollout plan led by technology director
iPads for teachers over the summer - in CHINA!
Lausanne Laptop Institute in Memphis with presenter Denise Coffin
Present at the EdTech iPad Summit in Boston, AIMS Technology Retreat, Connections Conference!
How iPads Revolutionized Our 1:1 Program:
A Year in Teaching and Learning

App exploration process
Support systems: Sidwell email,
Google Drive, Haiku
Digital citizenship
SAMR model of project
ideation and assessment
Passion Projects, Self/Peer Teaching, and Interest Sharing
Institutional Reasoning For Change:
And now iPads?
What would be different?
Time to replace the netbooks
Cost the same
Success with use in Kindergarten
A worthy experiment?
Revolution: a complete or
marked change in something

Google Drive and AI Writer for typing
Strip Designer for Buddhist Jataka comics
Book Creator Babywatch journals
Drawing Box
Photo and Video Documentation
Google Drive document sharing
Pic Collage posters
Keynote graphs
Inspiration Maps and Outlines
Book review videos and QR code genre wall
Problem solving keynote presentations
Discussion boards on Haiku
Trailers for books, apps, and other interests
Problem solving screencasts
Mash-ups between apps
Showing Their Thinking:
Teachers can coach from the sidelines
let students lead their learning
launch and guide
Experiments can fail and still be worthwhile
Passion and process > product
Creation > Creativity
Consumption vs. Creation - choose wisely!
Student Choice and Self Differentiation
Student Humor and Insight
Technology and Me
model of tech integration
Looking Forward to Next Year
Maintain processes and routines that empower students
Focus on open creativity apps
Computer programming unit
Curation of student portfolios
Blogging with KidBlog
What could we hope to accomplish?
Lesley Younge
Sidwell Friends School
youngel@sidwell.edu sfsipads.blogspot.com
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