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My Elementary Life

No description

Nicole Lin

on 15 May 2017

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Transcript of My Elementary Life

My teacher was Miss Matthews, and Mrs. Corb. I loved nap time. My senior buddies were Grace Rast and Melissa Davis, they were the best!
Fifth Grade
I had two teachers this year, Miss DeBoer ( from 3rd grade ) and Mrs. Stockment. My favorite thing of 5th Grade was having two homeroom teachers the same year. I am going to really miss the recess and all the fun teachers I had in Elementary.
First Grade
Miss Meacham was my teacher, my class was her last class. I always loved science class because she always dressed up as a invented character called "Marvelous Me", she was very funny!
Second Grade
My 2nd Grade teacher was Miss Tomaz. She was kind and loved making games. I always loved taking Social Studies with her because she told everything in a way that I could understand.
Third Grade
Miss DeBoer was very special to me, she had the same birthday date as me- June 3rd. I loved her crazy stories and silly mistakes she made during class. She was Canadian so her stories were very interesting.
Fourth Grade
My teacher was Mr. Buchanan. He had the most hilarious jokes and got an award of the Teacher of the Year, my class was very proud of him. We did waterfights and watched movies, I think 4th Grade was the best year I had ever had!
My Elementary Life
Thank you!
my dear teacher and friends of Elementary!!!
Prezi made by: Nicole lin
( with the help of MRs. Deal )
Miss Matthews and her teacher assistant, Mrs. Rugg.
Miss DeBoer (birthday buddy!)
Always told the most weird jokes! :)
She helped me go all the way through Elementary.
mrs. Deal :)
First teacher of PACA.
my dear class...

best friends...
you all mean the world to me!
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