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Community organizing in Hungary: building the framework. Res

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Bernadett Sebály

on 5 June 2015

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Transcript of Community organizing in Hungary: building the framework. Res

Community organizing in Hungary: Building the framework. Results and challenges since 2011.
From Community Development to Community Organizing
Why community organizing? Why now?
Foundation stones
experience in building the supporting framework for community development

international partners in CD and CO

2011: roadshow (Budapest, Debrecen, Miskolc) + a 3-day community organizing training with Chuck Hirt and Joe Szakos

community organizing learning circles
adopting methodology from abroad
new initiatives

a series of 6-week community organizing exchange programs between the U.S. and Bulgaria, Hungary, Romania and Slovakia
30 trainings, 200 workshops, university lectures, roundtable talks

19 potential community organizers participate in the exchange program
meeting with potential allies in the promotion of community organizing

12 mini organizing project

promotion of the work at national and international level

longer-term organizing programs
Next step: Local Power - Local Sources
October 2013 - December 2015
framework to coordinate CO programs

3 new trainings developed and accredited: community organizing and community leader training programs

80 participants
3 pilot projects
19 partner organizations
consultation system

CO workshops
Campaigns: firewood campaign

Next step: cooperation with OSI
2015: 12 community organizers
professional support from the Civil College Foundation

April 2015: CO training
Civil College Foundation
Bernadett Sebály
28 May 2015, Germany

Coalition for community organizing
Civil College Foundation
nationwide adult education organization since 1994

accredited education institution since 2003


annually 500-700 people
community development &
community organizing

Citizen Participation Week

Civil College Foundation
Civil College Foundation

Lifetree Helping Service Association

Hungarian Anti-Poverty Network

Community Development Association
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