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Future of Travel

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Transcript of Future of Travel

Rex played two guitars with the aid of 78 fingers and 12 picks, triggered notes on his keyboard with retina lasers and used his six arms to wield 21 drumsticks. He was a robot who played superhuman music all by himself. It had been a year since Rex was successfully crowdfunded at Jetkinsonsons & Co, and today the creators of the travel-cum-music startup were jittery. It was the final hour before the start of the “Ekam” musical tour. “Ekam” is Sanskrit for One—One energy binding every creation. The musical tour truly epitomized this philosophy—unity of Creator, Creation, and the Moment.

The music was crowd sourced; millions of people were going to put together the music note by note, beat by beat, live on stage, at that very moment. This would be the biggest experiment in crowdsourcing, wherein the artist Rex would create mutually beneficial musical exchanges with the 30 million strong crowd. Rex would detect the beats played by humans across the globe and synchronize the notes into a musical composition.

The tour would start from Paris, with simultaneous holographic shows happening across 60 cities and booths for a virtual experience constructed across the world. Each of the 60 cities would be the first leg of the 10 city tour. “Ekam” would be thus covering 600 cities in total, in the course of the next 90 days! The 30 million people attending the tour, united by the love of music, met each other over the networking platform created by Jetkinsons. They would be collaborating not only through the music they would create, but over spaces, food, and musical knowledge throughout the tour. Staying in shared homes, travelling together in shared transport, eating meals cooked by each other was going to be a regular feature of “Ekam.” They would earn a good “star” for the services they provided. Every star earned would be tradable for 1$. Thus people were expected to go out of their way to provide the best service to their fellow music lovers—beyond nationalities, castes and religions.

Diving into the Faraday zone
Trends 2020
A semi-retired tech farmer sets out to chase the domino effect of geo-engineered climate change across the globe with his virtual mate and drone
Botting the musical synergy


“What are we doing to the Earth?” he says to himself. Adrianne had a deep desire to see the last elephant in Africa, before this planetary crisis wiped it out. Immediately an idea strikes him, he wants to see the world before this quixotic scheme of the UN alters the environment forever.

Chasing the eternal sunset
He starts preparing for his journey. He arranges everything—how he can manage his farm remotely so he can spend the rest of his time in travel. He quickly looks up the trail of the SRM on his smart table to trace how the effect of the climate change will occur. He charts his itinerary in such a way that he gets to spend time in each of these areas before the effect kicks in, and also remain there for some time, studying what happens post the climate changes. He readies his virtual mate (in the avatar of Zoya) and his drone to accompany him on his journey.

He travels from forests to mountains to deep sea; his flying car and drone help him explore and document varied horizons. He starts a live 24 hour video channel documenting his travel experiences. He becomes an online sensation within a month, with millions of followers spread across all of his virtual presence. Three years into his journey, he develops a fatal disease from being exposed to excessive sulphor sprayed in the atmosphere, and dies near a spring in Motuo, China.

Virtual journey to the cultural archives
With no time to travel physically, a baby designers experiences for augmented travel to study past cultures

A single robot band creates a crowd-sourced and funded music tour

“Ekam” was the singlemost peaceful geographical movement and collaboration of people, experiencing the expansiveness of every moment across the globe. Rex, unaware that he was going to manage this feat, continue to practice with two guitars, 78 fingers and 12 picks.

Trends and especially
Mega trends
are transformative in nature.

They have far reaching impact in shaping the future world. For example, a breakthrough in medicine, increases average life expectancy over a period of time, leading to an increase in the aging population, and that leads to the emergence of a thriving hospice industry.

In this attempt, we are trying to make these far reaching connections between
Politics, Economy, Society, Technology and Environment
It’s not just the Trends, but their interplay is what we have based our
speculative scenarios
product visualizations
of the Future of Travel.
As he made the bookings to go on an unplugged tour, he felt nervous about stripping away from all networks and gadgets and going off the grid. The tour began. He felt exposed to be directly out in the open, on top of the Canyon, without the ability to look up the history of the site. He felt alone not being able to share his selfie instantly with his friends.
Institute of Customer Experience (ICE),
No. 10, 2nd Floor,
Saint Ange St.,
Pondicherry 605001,
Tel: +91 413 4210583
Fax: +91 413 4210586


Future of Travel
Virtual mate
Virtual assistants

Holographic staff
Human tourists
Digital travel buddy
Personal travel agent
Future of Travel team

Ajinkya Maldikar
Ekta Paraswani
Fatema Ranpura

Smart work spaces
Smart homes
Social networks
Virtual booths

Natural outdoors-almost extinct ecologies
Faraday zones
Space & planets
Virtual reality
Space hotel
Self folding,self compressing clothes
Oculus Rift
Smart surfaces
3D Camera
Flying cars
Self driving vehicles
Social media artifacts
(eg; Profiles, Tweets, Newsfeed, Comments, Likes, Ratings, Reviews, Links )

Live video streaming
Traveling virtually
Gesture-controlled navigation
Thought transmission
Thought controlled navigation
Emotion controlled navigation
Life logging
Future of Travel
Expedia also showed off its new
Samsung Galaxy Gear smartwatch app
Anyone with the watch can get push notifications around a trip such as reminders to leave for the airport and notification if their flight gate changed.


Future of Travel
Power will be driven by
ideas, thoughts
technology & data
rather than leaders and political parties. These
"Power systems
will emerge as new travel zones.


The future travel experience, will be defined by
. Artificial intelligence, drones, robots, virtual reality, holographic projections, big data & IoT will make travel highly
Personalized, Seamless, Augmented, & Automated
The Environmental landscape-
depletion of energy resources, global warming, increasing environmental consciousness
will push the travel experience to be more
New travel categories
will emerge in the future , due to the
realization of extinction
of certain ecological zones,
cultural novelties
or the constant
need to see and brag about the "never seen before"
Changing social fabric
like demographic shifts-
rise in the 60+
population, new lifestyle trends like-
will also be the reason for the emergence of new travel experiences

Economic trends
crowdfunding & collaborative consumption, shift of power to BRIC nations- dethroning of the OPEC
will open up avenues for travel to the bourgeois.

Rise of global citizens
, and
disappearing geographical boundaries
will promote travel across the globe with lesser formalities

and the
quantified Self
will push travel to shift from
being an end, to become a means
to share, create and nurture the virtual life
The major travel themes emerging from looking at Political, Economic, Social, Technology & Environmental (PESTE) trends are as below
Andrew lynne
Creative Stall
Juan Pablo Bravo
Arthur Shlain
James Mayle
Derrick Snider
Aha Soft
Proletkult Graphik
Thibault Jeoffrey
Elliot Verhaeren
Rutmer Zijlstra
Simple Icons
Jon Prepeluh
Icons used from the

Big data/Internet of things

By 2020, over 30 billion devices will be connected. This enables huge opportunities in all areas of life: politics, education, media, health, commerce and leisure. The Internet will soon be connected to everything including our brains – enabling fast and accurate decoding of multi-layered information.


Intentionally disconnected spaces or Faraday Zones

People are awakening to the fact that they don’t have to involuntarily embrace wireless technologies, all of the time. There are looking for a time and place to opt out, for them to feel like they have some say over their lives.


Political disinformation

Rise in usage of social media and internet will leave voters confused due to an information explosion. It will lead to mistrust, confusion from this explosion of information on the internet, as social media becomes the trusted source of information.


High-tech farming

Farmers and tech entrepreneurs are trying to work with each other, to benefit and increase food supply. For example, Startups like Ceres Imaging are using aerial photography and spectral imaging to keep track of water stress and nutrient content in crops.


Geo-alteration-changing of worlds climate

Faced with planetary crisis , Geo-engineers have proposed pumping tons of sulphur into the atmosphere (to deflect sunlight), fertilizing the ocean with millions of tons of lime (to improve its CO2 absorbing capacity), and planting trees across 2.5 billion acres of desert.

Pensioners bulge

The population growth rate has been declining and in the future will become negative leading to a shrinking society. By 2030, nearly all of Europe, South Korea, Japan, and Taiwan will have a median age of 45 or older. This “pensioner bulge” will create labor and health system challenges and has also been cause for concern for some national security watchers.


Realtime life logging

A live-streaming video app called Meerkat, lets you broadcast live videos that your Twitter followers can view through the app or on the Web, live-streaming seems destined to have a big future, with more than 400,000 using it in a week 

Trends 2026
DNA engineering

Scientists are developing ways to edit the DNA of tomorrow’s children. Germ-line engineering is a path for creation of superpeople and designer babies for those who can afford it.


Augmented reality
This technology allows seamless combination of the physical world and virtual information, but this is still widely under-utilized in the field of Tourism and has the potential to revolutionize the way we experience new destinations and services within the industry.


Mind control

Our ability to control objects with our minds will be within reach as more companies look toward experiences that directly harness electrical signals from our brain.


Trends 2034
Sharing economy & collaborative consumption

People all over, will become microentrepreneurs resulting into them having income streams rather than conventional jobs. Reputation will be a key factor that will support the sharing economy, and in the future will be used as a currency

Crowdfunding Platforms are set to explode. Increasingly, people will want to own and share in the startups they buy from – being respected partners rather than just consumers.

Augmented humanity

Technological tools are moving on from being external add-ons to being a part of our physiology ; we are “hacking” the human body and the senses to extend our potential. System-powered exoskeletons, bionic arms, feet, and eyes, are the next phase of Augmented humanity

Trends 2045
Neo-corporate giants

Half the largest publicly listed companies in 2025 will come from firms that did not even exist in 2014. We will see an ever-increasing number of so-called “exponential companies” that achieve rapid rates of growth by using science and technology to disrupt old industries and create new ones like Uber, Airbnb.

Future of Travel
For the first time he was thinking beyond bite-sized bursts. Looking directly at the horizon, and not through a lens, touching the texture of the stone below his feet, talking with fellow travellers without an interface, playing games with them without a screen... The hotel they stayed at did not have a phone or a wifi service, the periphery was shielded by a metallic lining to repel any signals or electromagnetic radiation to connect with the “world.” Fellow tourists, all being acute PIU (Problematic Internet Use) addicts, were here as part of rehabilitation. A week into the tour, he suffered bouts of anxiety to know what the world was “liking” at this moment.

And yet, he survived.
When he got his phone back and it was time to return, he never switched it on again.
A Gen Alpha’s life choices are determined by the paradigm created by the big data and internet. He wants to explore the disconnect by going off on an unplugged tour

While having breakfast one day, he gets a notification on his smart table that the UN has finally approved Solar Radiation Management (SRM) in Europe, to escape the extended drought of six years. The climate change will create a ripple effect altering climate not just in Europe, but across the world—altering landscapes, oceans, and ecologies!
Adrianne Glomotov owns an automated farm managed by high-tech solutions that connect every grain of his land. With drones that scan the field every six hours to capture any abnormality, pathogen detecting systems, and a massive wireless system, Adrianne now needs to only oversee his farm from the control room. It’s been almost a decade that he is off manually working in the field. He is completely enjoying this semi-retired state, but one thing does bother him. He loves being in nature, which was the reason he had chosen to be a farmer in the first place in 1983, and now he interacts mostly with the virtual world and is hardly in the physical one.

Two weeks into the tour, comfort started to settle in. By the end of the tour, he had successfully managed to intentionally disconnect from connectedness for 25 days, yet he had never felt so connected before—with himself, with his companions, with his surroundings.
Nymi was one of the most sought-after baby designer in the country, and also a key player in developing CRSPR-CAS18—the new technology to design babies with the most perfect gene pool and a zero margin of error. Her day was spent in her transformational space, which she called her home/laboratory/office/social circuit. It had been 8 months since she had actually stepped out. Nymi was a quadriplegic; her smart home not only took care of her disability, but was more than self-sustained so she could immerse herself comfortably into her almost virtual life.
She removed the Holo Lens and started transferring her mental notes to her database
As she wore the Holo Lens, Nymi felt like she’d taken a magic leap! She was teleported right into the city of Zaltspar, thousands of years ago in time, and a city tour was the first thing scheduled for her. She walked around the city, taking in the sights. She saw slaves busy constructing the next symbol of power for the king. She touched the surface of the stone, intrigued by the hard softness of it. Moving ahead, she asked the holographic guide, “What are those people in the corner up to?” He replied that they were preparing for a ritual to welcome a baby in the family. She moved towards the group and participated in the ritualistic dance with them. Later, as she saw the birth of the beautiful baby, she was awestruck! She went ahead and touched the soft skin of the baby. She instantly recorded the gene pool and was mesmerized by the beauty of the DNA configuration. She immediately felt a strong urge to go back to her lab and work further with this configuration—it would create a frenzy.

Today was her last meeting on the World Germline Editing Convention, and she was drained by the end of it. Days of discussion on sliding in beneficial genes and editing away bad ones had taken a toll on her. As she was slipping away into yet another state of “senselessness,” Travis, her AI assistant, interrupted, “Your cortisol levels are at 64 micrograms/deciliter. You need to take a break, Nymi, else you will suffer a nervous breakdown in the next 48 hours.” Nymi, jolted by this information, thought back, “What have you got for me?” Travis looked up her schedule, made a match with her love for history and ancient civilizations and a virtual tour to the ancient Egyptian civilation of Zaltspar that was available! She was delighted by what she saw on her smart contact lens and instantly okayed it. Travis, reading her thoughts, made the booking. The tour was to start that very evening!

Future of Travel Visualization Teams
Pankhuri Jain
Rohan Saraf
Supriya Nauriyal
Akshitta Kohli
Ashni Shah
Ritika Singh

Raissa Fichardo
Riddhi Shah
Rohan Sajnani
Sonal Malhotra
Ekta Paraswani
Diving into the Faraday zone
Visualized product:
SAM is a device that focuses on two basic tasks – it monitors your body's vital statistics in the context of your environment and provides first aid information.

The device keeps a check on your body temperature, energy level, the amount of dehydration, etc. It also informs you when you need to rest and the amount of water you need to consume. First-aid information can also be accessed as videos. The device can project information as holograms that can be interacted with directly. The device is essentially a 360 degree screen which wraps around the wrist. It doesn't require any internet connectivity, but there are sensors present under the screen which make contact with the wrist, to assess biometric data.

SAM will help Zed Ockeley throughout his disconnected travel
Chasing the eternal sunset
Visualized product:
Drone Mellifera
When Adrianne will travel he will want to document the events happening in the natural world in realtime. Mellifera will help Adrianne in doing so.

Melifera-the mother drone controls the baby drones and shoots the scene from multiple angles. This ensures that there is not a single moment that is missed! After all, the whole world is experiencing rapid climate change and one never knows when everything comes to an end! Mellifera is controlled by Zoya, the artificial intelligence available on all of Adrianne’s devices. He has updated Zoya with a filming update and Mellifera software drivers. This lets Zoya control the mother drone that then further controls the baby drones. Zoya will also do the video editing for Adrianne.

With Mellifera and Zoya, the travel videos that are shot, become a sensation within a month and gets Adrianne billions of followers. Adrianne also manages to capture the last living elephant in Africa with the help of Mellifera.

Visualized product:
In 2030, all travelers live a virtual life. However, they lack an emotional and spiritual layer to their travels. Moodmeter is a device that captures the emotion that the traveler is experiencing at any moment, converts it into a tangible and accessible format, and saves it for later retrieval. This emotion can be passed on as a legacy or a gift.

Moodmeter senses emotions based on biometrics like heartbeat, pulse, body temperature etc. It can be in the form of a wearable – ring, band etc, and the device would sense and capture extreme emotions. The device would have a button which would allow the user to capture/save an emotion felt during a particular moment, and retrieve it later to experience it again.

Moodmeter will help Nymi capture the emotional aspect of her virtual travels so that she can experience them later; eg the birth of the baby.

Virtual journey to the cultural archives
Botting the musical synergy

Visualized product:
In 2045, technology will make you a superhuman, but human emotion and feelings in their truest sense will be lost.

Be. is a device which will reflect your true feelings based on scientific and biological response in the form of a halo.

Its biological responses will be converted into color and light reflectors, changing the color and the light intensity of the halo.

Its higher purpose is for others to see your true emotion and connect with those who are similar, thus building a community of like-minded people.

The benefits of this are about people sharing their true inner feelings and working together to improve their community harmoniously.

BE. Will create communities of people in Ekam, showing halos of the same emotions being experienced by different people and then converging to form a bigger overpowering halo around the groups experiencing the same emotion.

For complete analysis of the trends see
Future of Travel-PESTE analysis
One afternoon, he was jolted by what he saw on his Google Glass. He immediately switched on his Apple TV and found the social media abuzz with the breaking news of “Hurricane Rose” hitting the coast of the city. Images and videos of the Transhumanist Republican Party (TRP) workers helping out the people affected by the tragedy were splashed everywhere. He rushed to the site, but was shocked to see the reality. There was no worker from the TRP on the scene of the tragedy. Only local volunteers were helping the victims.

Political disinformation created by cyber magicians and news jackers had created this façade. This made him think. For days on end, he looked at all the information thrown at him with suspicion and felt manipulated. With every new viral story, a trail of questions went viral in his head too. “How powerful is the internet? Do I really have a say in my life? Am I just seeing through the lens created by the web of connected things? What is out there in the REAL world ” Just then, two words popped up on his Google Glass: “Unplugged Tours.”

Zed Ockeley was happily wrapped in the virtual world. Zed had never had a trail of thought without an interruption from a tweet, or a news feed notification. Zed had never had a life experience that went undocumented on social media. He had never made a decision on his own; all his decisions were always based on “suggestions.” So be it befriending people on social networking sites to buying clothes, he was always offered “suggestions” based on his previous choices as noted by the website. He was perpetually “logged in” on all platforms.
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