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The Witches

No description

Lucía Lozano

on 7 April 2016

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Transcript of The Witches

What if witches
didn't look...
like witches...?
The Witches

"What's even more horrifying is that real witches don't look like witches. They don't ride around on broomsticks and they don't even wear black cloaks and hats. So how can you tell when you meet one?"
-Roald Dahl
Luke was a Norwegian boy who lived in England because of his father's job. His grandmother was Norwegian, too. Twice a year they went back to Norway to visit her.

Unluckily, while they were driving to Norway, they had a terrible car accident, and Luke's parents resulted killed...

His grandmother started to tell him about witches as he was having trouble to get to sleep. Every night, they went together to the living room and she told him a bit about those strange creatures.
Luke wondered how he would distinguish a witch if he met one.
As long as witches looked like ordinary women, it would be a bit difficult.

1. They ALWAYS wear gloves. They don't have finger-nails. Instead of that, they have thin curvy claws, like a cat. However, in winter, many respectable women wear gloves as well.
2. A real witch is bald. They always wear wigs. This usually makes their scalp itch.
3. Witches have larger nose-holes than ordinary people. This gives them an amazing ability to smell children in the distance.
For them, children smell like dogs' droppings. Unless they haven't had a bath for weeks.
4. Their eyes are quite different. The eye's little black dot is always changing colour, and if you look right in the coloured dot's centre, you'll see ice and fire dancing on it.
5. They never have toes. Their feet have square ends with no toes on them at all. They must hide those feet by squeezing them into little pointed shoes.
6. Their spit is blue as a bilberry. It's just like ink. They even use it to write with. They simply lick the nib of those old-fashioned pens they use. But they would never dare to spit, of course.
These tips were all his grandmother could tell him to teach him how to recognize them. Despite being concerned about them, it continued to be pretty difficult to get to distinguish them as long as they were all really careful with their appearance.
Luke's grandmother was very old and her health was getting worse as time passed by.

In the hotel, Luke and his grandmother had two separate rooms. Luke used to train his mice in his room. But the chambermaid saw them and went to talk to the Manager. He permitted the boy to keep their mice in his room as long as they were never allowed out of their cage.

Of course, Luke was not going to follow his instructions. Instead, he looked for a quiet place to train his mice. This place was a room called... the Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children (RSPCC Meeting).
A doctor suggested that they should move to Bournemouth. They would stay in a place called the Hotel Magnificent.
There was a big screen
there. He hid behind
the screen and started
training his mice.

He peered through a crack in the screen and saw a lot of women coming in. He wasn't scared. They all were pleasant ladies who were against cruelty to children. Or at least, that's what Luke thought...
He began to worry
when all those
sweet ladies started
to take their wigs, gloves and shoes off...
Bald women... with strange finger-nails...
and with no toes!! Luke was terrified...
They were not women...

There was a witch in the stage. She was talking to the rest of them. She took her mask off her face. She was really ugly... the most disgusting being in the whole wide world.
They called her... The Grand High Witch.
She had invented a green liquid called Delayed Action Mouse-Maker. It turned a child into a mouse in 10 hours time, so that no one would suspect of them.

Bruno Jenkins was a boy Luke had met in the hotel several times. Her parents were rich, and he was pretty spoiled. You could easily recognize him because he was always eating something. The Grand High Witch found it easy to make him go there just by telling him he
would get some
Luke saw perfectly how Bruno was slowly turned into a mouse because they gave him an overdose to make the process go faster. When he was just another mouse, he escaped. The doors were locked, so Bruno had to be somewhere in the room.
Luke hadn't had a bath for days, so he hoped no witch would smell him. They were all about to leave when one of them smelled him. Unfortunately, they caught him and turned him into a mouse, too. He remembered the way Bruno had escaped and he tried it as well. He was surprised by his ability to run and move. He hid behind a chair and waited for the witches to leave the room.
He looked for Bruno all around the room. When Luke found him, they both ran to his grandmother's room. They told her all about the witches and the Delayed Action Mouse-Maker. Luke's grandmother was absolutely terrified. Luke had heard that the Grand High Witch's room was number 454, the one right underneath his. Luke's grandmother helped him to get to her room in order to take the Delayed Action Mouse-Maker away.
His grandmother took him into a sock and lowered him to the Grand High Witch's room balcony. He entered her room and stared at it. It looked just like an ordinary woman's room. After some minutes searching for the little bottle, he found it. When he was about to leave, the Grand High Witch opened the door and came in. He hid under the bed. Some seconds later, someone else entered the room and he took the chance to escape through the door with the little bottle. He arrived to
his grandmother's room and she opened
the door to let him come in.
They planned to make all the witches turn into mice by pouring the whole potion in their dinner that night. They were meeting in the Dining-Room.
That night, Bruno, Luke and Luke's grandmother went to dinner to the Dining Room. It was extremely crowded even though the witches had not arrived yet. Luke gate-crashed into the kitchen and achieved to pour all the potion into the witches' soup.

By the time the witches arrived, Luke was back to his grandmother's handbag.

As they were turned into mice, the waiters trapped them and some hours after, they all got killed. But they had only gotten rid of a few ones.

In Norway, witches were very well-known and everybody knew a lot about them... so did his grandmother.
From that day on, his grandmother took care of him.
However, his grandmother told him some tips to recognize them.
The old woman gave her
grandson two white mice
as consolation.
He had to hide himself because he didn't want the Manager to come in and find out that his mice were actually out of their cage.

While he was there, the doors opened and someone entered the room...
The Grand High Witch was trying it on a child called Bruno Jenkins in some minutes.

Someone knocked on the door. The Grand High Witch put her mask on and so did the rest of the witches. It was Bruno.

The waiters served
them their dinner.

Some minutes later, mouse fur began to cover their bodies. They were developing tails as well. Everybody in the room were staring at them.
Luke was always going to be a mouse for the rest of his life, and mice didn't live too long.
But Luke was not a common mouse. He lived more than 3 years... In fact, he lived 25 years being a mouse. One day, he woke up and found out that he was not a mouse anymore. But, after
25 years, he continued
to be a little boy!!
He ran towards the kitchen and he just stood there, eyes wide opened. His mother was cooking and his father was in the bathroom... What the hell?

Everything had been a dream... Well, everything had been a nightmare. His parents were alive, he had never been turned into
a mouse and witches didn't
exist. And if they did,
Luke didn't want to know
anything about them.
Have you understood the story?
1. Where does Luke come from?
2. Who took care of Luke when his parents died?
3. What did Luke learn from his grandmother?
4. Describe 3 tips to distinguish a witch?
5. Why did they move to Bournemouth?
6. What did Luke's grandmother give him?
7. What did the Manager tell Luke about his mice?
8. Where did Luke train his mice since then?
9. Who came in while he was there?
10. How did Luke realize they were not ordinary women?
Have you understood the story?
11. How was the most important witch called?
12. What was the Delayed Action Mouse-Maker's function?
13. Who was Bruno Jenkins?
14. How did the Grand High Witch make Bruno meet her there?
15. What happened to Bruno and Luke?
16. Why did they want to enter the Grand High Witch's room?
How did Luke manage in there? Who helped him?
17. What did they plan after getting the potion?
18. Where did Luke pour the potion?
19. Who killed the witches when they were turned into mice?
20. What happened in the end?
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