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Jefferson Jumpstart

No description

Jennifer Ackerman

on 1 March 2014

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Transcript of Jefferson Jumpstart

Broader Results
121 students have completed
Jefferson Jumpstart (21 sessions)

class size: 2 to 15 students (avg 5.8)
7 different instructors
Support from JJScoordinator after program
Math 55: 68 students (56%)
Math 65: 45 students (37%)
Math 85: 2 students (2%)
Math 146/150: 6 students (5%)
Fall 2013 semester results:

Placed into Math 55:
Percent Successful Total Students
35.5% 31

Placed into Math 65:
Percent Successful Total Students
27.3% 22

Math boot camp
Recruit students who test into PreAlgebra (MAT 55)
Week-long format
4 educational sessions
3 hours each day
retesting on the fifth day
KYOTE test after 7/1/13
Instructor directed interactive activities with notebook and MyMathTest
$25 fee to instill value
Initial Pilot Results
10 participants:
All 10 attended the entire week
6 out of 10 moved to a higher level math class (MAT 65)
Positive Evaluations
"I wish I could've taken this class before I took the Compass test the first time."
"This class was an inspiration, and I feel as though it should be mandatory to helps students..."
May 2012: Achieving the Dream Initial Plan
May/June 2012: Research
September 2012: Formal Proposal
October 2012: Coordinator Position Approved
November 2012 - June 2012:
Interim Coordinator
December 2012: Pilot Program
May/June 2013: Initial Implementation
July 1, 2013:
hired Jefferson Jumpstart Coordinator

Jefferson Jumpstart
Assessing a Fee
Offered a $25 voucher for students who completed our EES math class (between PreAlgebra and ABE)

High no-show rate for EES students; BUT many were more interested in the computer experience and it was less about the math.

Model in Palo Alto about instilling value and less about assessing a fee

Secondary Pilot Results
10 participants <testing placement>

Email Ben Aschenbrenner
Jefferson Jumpstart Coordinator

Jennifer Ackerman:

One Year Update
Whole Numbers
One-step equations in each topic
Real-world applications in each topic
Study skills
Moving Forward
Expand to 5 of 6 campuses
Online model?
Mandatory model?
65/85 model?
Instilling value rather than fee
Achieving the Dream
1 currently enrolled in MAT 150 <65>
1 currently enrolled in MAT 65 <55>
1 currently enrolled in MAT 85 <65>
4 not enrolled in a math class <2/55; 2/65>
3 not enrolled in any classes <1/55; 2/65

Tested into 55: Persistence: 25%
Tested into 65: Persistence: 33%
What Happens Next?
"I have so much more confidence in my ability to solve a math problem than I did 5 days ago."

"awesome class - really helped me understand the rules and apply them. I feel like I can do math problems without feeling intimidated by it! Thanks so much for the confidence!
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