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Free Being Me Training Pack

No description

Katerina Agorogianni

on 15 April 2015

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Transcript of Free Being Me Training Pack

Choose your objectives
To establish the
of the issue of
body confidence
and self-esteem.
To develop an
of the Free Being Me
Activity Packs
and their
To prepares participants
to train
others or
to deliver
the Activities to girls/and boys.

All or some of the above.
Add your own!
Free Being Me
Training Pack

Fun and interactive training
Participants should be allowed time to practice the activities, to experience delivering them, to receive feedback.
Play the activities, do not just read them out.
Bring them to life!

Pick and mix sessions
Important note:
Dedicate most of your time to using the Activity Packs. Help participants understand the method and how Free Being Me works and improves body confidence

Who is your audience? You could...
Train leaders/peer educators who will deliver the Activities.
Train trainers that will cascade down and train leaders/peer educators.
Present the project to decision makers and give an overview of the training.

How to use the Training Pack
Start with the suggested training plans, and adapt for your needs.
Remember: Each Training is
and should be adapted according to the nature of the event and its
. A
ssess the needs
of participants before you start putting the programme together.
You will need to include different sessions and adapt the content accordingly depending on whether you are training trainers, leaders, peer educators or simply presenting to key people and decision makers.
Decide how many days you need
If you are short on time, you could have two one-day events or three afternoons!
Find the form that fits your situation best.
You know what you need to focus on the most!

The extra sessions are optional. you can choose them based on your needs.
Sessions duration and content
The programme and the session designs offer suggestions. You can adapt the duration based on your group and objectives.

Use the parts that you need.

You are facilitating the process
You do not need to be an expert on the issue or the most body-confident person
Make sure you create a safe learning space
The Pack includes:
Everything you need to run all the sessions, plus extra material and resources to help your planning.

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