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STMA 2014: Changing Perceptions, Pushing Limits; Grass Fields WILL Take More!

Jerad Minnick discusses how it is possible for grass fields to take more play!

Jerad Minnick

on 19 April 2014

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Transcript of STMA 2014: Changing Perceptions, Pushing Limits; Grass Fields WILL Take More!

Just Like the World Was Flat!!!
Maryland SoccerPlex
22 Full Size Fields ; 160 Acres
10 Fields: Kentucky Bluegrass

5 Clay Soil w/ Topdrain
4 Clay Soil w/ No Drainage
1 w/ Fiber Sand (SoccerPlex Stadium)
9 Fields: Bermudagrass
7 Clay Soil w/ No Drainage
2 w/ Sand Soil
Sand Fields Hosting bermudagrass trial
8,000 Total Events/ Year

Computers Will Never Be A Practical Tool
Hand Picking Poa
Roses Grow Inside
Field Stability Issues W/ Sand
Stadiums Are Multi Event Venues
Concert Night Before... Which Side??
Stability Inserted
Grass Grows Inside!
Field Renovation Means Sod?
35 Days Following
Seeding Kentucky Bluegrass
Soccer On a Baseball Field
Future is BRIGHT!!
Horses Were The Accepted Form of Transportation
That's A Fast Horse!
Without the dirt area?
Grass Fields CAN Take More!!!
Open Communication With Peers Around The World:
Others Have Questions For Which You May Have Answers, But They Also Have Answers to Questions That You May Not Know Even Need To Be Asked
Average: 350 Matches/ Field
Goal: 11,000 Total Events/ Year
Average: 500 Matches/ Field

Jerad Minnick
Maryland SoccerPlex GEM
If You Always Do What You Have Always Done
You Will Always Get What You Always Got
Kauffman Stadium
Kansas City, MO
Major League Baseball
Sporting Kansas City
Major League Soccer
Soccer/ Lacrosse/
Rugby/ Field Hockey
Impossible Is Not Something That CAN'T Be Done.

It Is Just Something That Has Not Been Done Yet!
Changing Perceptions,
Pushing Limits

Grass Field WILL Take More!
Grass Fields WON'T Take That!!
(Morning After Dolphins v Steelers @ Wembley)
Not Fraze Mowed
Fraze Mowed
34 Lacrosse Matches in 4 Days
34 Lacrosse Matches in 4 Days
7 Days Recovery
Not Fraze Mowed
7 Days Recovery
Fraze Mowed
JFK Elected President
Ben Hur Won 10 Oscars
"Twist" Topped the Charts
34 Yr Old Hugh Heffner Opened the 1st Playboy Club
419 Bermuda Debut
3 Keys to High Quality, High Traffic Fields
Agressive Cultivaiton
Nutrient Management
Traffic Management
Aggressive Cultivation
Nutrient Management
Traffic Management
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