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The Kicks book project :)

No description

nicole micchia

on 25 June 2013

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Transcript of The Kicks book project :)

The kicks Saving the Team
The kicks
saving the team
Book by: an olympic gold medalist who plays soccer, Alex Morgan!!!

Project by:Nicole Micchia
setting of the story
The three main settings are Devin's house to talk to her friends privately, the soccer field to play and practice games, and in the school.
Main character
The main character in this book is Devin (a girl.)She has brownish blondish hair and blue eyes. She's super sweet and never lets her friends down. But when it comes to mean girls... DEVIN CAN BE MEAN TOO!
minor characters
The minor characters are; klutzy Emma, funny, outgoing Jesse, and also sweet but shy Zoe. There's also the team's coach; coach Flores. Steven is Devin's friend who she happens to meet on the way, Steven is on the boys soccer team. Devin and Steven become really close friends as the book goes on, will Devin and Steven stay best friends or come even closer??? Read the book to find out! But don't forget meanie Mirabelle! Meanie Mirabelle is the 7th grade soccer team captain but lets everybody down and yells at them when the soccer team loses. What will Devin do?
Devin lives in Conneticut but moves to California, she's a total soccer-holic! But she knows that most of the olympic soccer players come from Cali. Devin ends up going to school in Kentville middle school. Her soccer team name is the Kentville kangaroos, AKA the kicks. The team ends up being horrible and the coach doesn't even care! will Devin go with the flow or save the team?
If you like soccer & mystery, then this book is for you!
The problem is when Devin moves to California she thinks the soccer team will be great, but its not- except for meanie Mirabelle, who happens to be the best player on the soccer team and teases everybody. Shes mean and hates everybody especially Devin!
main event
important quotes
"teamwork is the best strategy"
there's no I in team
"we can all work together and make it happen"
If you want to know if Devin becomes a joke or if Devin saves the team then I suggest you read this book!
"Kick it!"
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