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Math in fashion

No description

Samantha Borsari

on 11 June 2014

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Transcript of Math in fashion

Math in fashion
Is math used in fashion?
Yes, fashion designers use math in measurements, patterns, angles, merchandise, pricing, and proportions.

Measurement is a key part of fashion. They need to measure patterns, angles, the amount of fabric and what size the clothing is.

Without measurement, the clothes you wear today would not fit correctly and the designs would not be as neat and sophisticated.
If you look around the room or at what you're wearing you will see patterns. Fashion designers use patterns in their job every day. Symmetry, measurements, and patterns are all in math. These things make your clothes look more attractive.
When fashion designers makes clothes for people they use angles for things like the neck line. With angles they can make clothes fit right on the person.
Proportions are very important in the designing of clothes. People have different proportions or sizes. To have people buy the clothes they have to fit right.
To find the proportions of people you need to measure the clothes and the size of the person.
A professional designer keeps count of their merchandise. They need to know how much merchandise has been sold and what needs to be made.
Tracking merchandise requires using large numbers with multiplying, dividing , subtraction and addition. This helps the designer know whats selling, and what needs to be made.

If the designer is selling merchandise you need to decide on a price. To decide the cost of the piece of clothing it comes down to a few things.

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Primary Source
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If fashion designers have their own line of clothes they need to come up with a cost for their creations.
Coming down with a cost relies on....
-The amount of money spent to make the garment
- The amount of money you and your employes will make
- How many people will buy the piece
- What the economy is like
- How much will people pay
As you can see pricing clothes is very important to a designer. It requires a lot of math to use money. Fashion designers even use calculators to help them deal with money as well as sizes.
Here is a video about math in fashion
Most designers study math in high school. They study algebra, geometry and calculus.
Having some sort of education in math whether it's in high school or collage is important. This is because math is a major role is fashion designing.
Math is in the base structure in fashion. Without it, the clothes we wear today would not fit right or look attractive.
Thank you for watching!!!

I hope you enjoyed my presentation
By Samantha Borsari
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