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P. A. W. S

No description

Therese Durham

on 21 May 2017

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Transcript of P. A. W. S

P. A. W. S
Peers Accepting & Willing to Support

START Peer to Peer Model
Work In Progress....
We are very excited!!!
We had a phone consultation with Margie Mayberry, START Peer to Peer Consultant.
Discussed current status
Reassurance to our team that we have a good foundation and "a lot of good pieces in place."

Meeting with Margie and our team to continue developing the program.
P.A.W.S. Plans...
About 30 students in the ASD program and the Level 3 Program
P.A.W.S. Support Team - two ASD teachers, one Level 3 teacher, special education consultant, speech therapist, building administration

LEAP classes for 6th & 7th graders; Lunch for 8th graders

Disability Awareness
Peer Conferencing
Relationship Building
Increasing acceptance in the ROMS community

Why P.A.W.S. ?
Develop tolerance and acceptance within the general education population.

Students with unique needs will be able to practice social skills to gain competency in natural environments.
How will peers be chosen?
Application process
All P.A.W.S participants will be the same age or older than their peer they are matched up with
Change the culture of ROMS
Students who tend to bully = great peer supports
Knowledge is important
Peer to peer support programs increase opportunities for students with unique needs to access general education settings and curriculum.

Peers model academic and social behavior in educational environments throughout the school day and provide support for students to promote independence and socialization.
Peer to peer support programs benefit all peers.

Benefits of Peer to Peer
New skills are learned

Social opportunities!!!!!

Meaningful changes in school climate

Students learn to value diversity

Allows all students to be more richly involved in their community
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