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Student Life without Fair Dealing

A Canadian Example

Annie Ludbrook

on 27 February 2015

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Transcript of Student Life without Fair Dealing

What Student Life would be like without Fair Dealing
Sorry that is illegal without permission from the publisher.
Photocopied an article I need for class at the library.
Sorry the publisher could sue you.
In your book review for the student newspaper you used the book cover.
They can't do that without a licence.
Copied a photo from a book in the assignment I handed in.
A Canadian Example
Nope you need permission from the photographer.
Your professor hands out a short essay in class for you all to discuss from a book you didn't buy.
Sorry that contravenes the
Copyright Act
...so no.
Sorry that is against the law.
Your professor posts a music clip for you to listen to that was discussed in class into the Learning Management system.
Nope not allowed - copyright holders have exclusive rights and you can't copy and redistribute.
You have a group project you are working on and send a copy of an article you read that is perfect to the group.

Luckily in Canada we DO have fair dealing that covers the copying of short excerpts of copyrighted works.
Fair Dealing lets you use short excerpts of stuff you need to learn.
...and in 2012 more uses were added to fair dealing law - education and parody and satire.
So Happy Fair Dealing Week Canada!
Your professors can give you short excerpts of works more easily and be funny while they do it.
for studying
for criticism
for news reporting
for review
You want to show a very short clip of a movie in a classroom presentation.
for research
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