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CST Bergen

No description

K Holt

on 20 October 2016

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Transcript of CST Bergen

Literacy Complexities and Mobile Technology

Dr. Flores, Kathryn Holt, Dr. Hodges

CalStateTEACH Summer Labs
Focus on:
Problem Based Learning
Student Population
Second Language Learners
Performing below grade level
Low socioeconomic communities
First grade (age six) to fifth grade (age ten)
Teacher Candidates
CalStateTEACH Teacher Candidates
Three days of professional development
Five weeks of academic instruction
Five days of reflective practice
Academic coursework and student teaching hours
Our Schools
Suburban, high performing schools
Urban, Title I schools
Urban, high English Language Learner population
Our Design
Goal One:
Collaborative Teaching
Our Design
Goal Two:
Develop innovative teaching
Our Design
Goal Three:
Reflective Practice
Curriculum Design
Weekly breakdown:
Five weeks of literacy
One week of coding
Two weeks of animation
Two weeks of engineering
Curriculum Design:
Curriculum Design:
Curriculum Design: Animation
Curriculum Design:
Our Mentors
CalStateTEACH prepares highly qualified teachers who utilize their critical thinking skills, creativity, and reflection to inform their professional decision-making.
Our curriculum, implementation, and experiences are chronicled in our CalStateTEACH iBook, titled “Summer 2015,” which has been released. (http://goo.gl/ZTWSgD).

Our 2016 summer lab iBook is currently in development.
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