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Earth Day Biomes Project

No description

Deborah Garten

on 17 April 2018

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Transcript of Earth Day Biomes Project

Earth Day Projects
April 12, 2018
Learn about the problems that our Earth is having with plastic especially in the ocean
2nd & 3rd Grade: Complete the Earth Day poem from last week
4th Grade: Choose 1 problem that we are having on Earth and create a poster (in Slides) which includes that problem and solution and then design, build and test your solution for that problem
Problems with Plastics
Step 1: Research
Choose animals and plants to color and cut out or
Search using a Google Doc for animals and plants in that biome and print. Then color and cut them out.
Make plants and animals models
2nd & 3rd Grades: Finish the Earth Day Poem in Google Doc and share with dgarten@stcharlessd.org
4th Grade: Choose a problem that we are having on Earth and design a solution. Create a poster with your chosen problem and solution in Google Slides. Then build the solution and test it.
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