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Work-Life Integration

March 1, 2018

Aaron McDaniel

on 1 March 2018

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Transcript of Work-Life Integration

Work-Life Integration vs. Balance
-Aaron McDaniel
Work-Life Integration
Deliver top results at work while maintaining the life outside work you have always wanted
To be more fulfilled don't
work & life,
Enjoy life, don't always delay gratification
Work/Life Integration is a learned process, realize you are always changing
Ground Rules
It's about being proactive, not reactive
Not about "right way" and "wrong way"
a Typical Day...
Morning Work Calls
Side Business To Do's
Lunchtime Speech
Afternoon Emailing
Networking Event
Friends/Family Time
More Work Emails
A mindset change
What Allows for this Change?
Demands of our lives
Why is it Good for You?
What to Watch Out for when "Integrating"
How to use Work-Life Integration for Top Results
Own your schedule, don't let it own you
Zero Sum to an Increased Pie
We are all more than just 1 thing
Mobile Phones
Global Nature of Business
Salary vs. Hourly in White Collar Positions
Virtual Teams, Across Geography
Tools/Tech - Immediate Responses
Collaboration & Info Sharing
Better idea sharing, collaboration
Minimize burnout
Technology means that we're all available 24/7, and, because everyone demands instant gratification and instant connectivity, there are no boundaries, no breaks
- David Soloman, Goldman Sachs
79% of successful teams say they are more likely to share aspirational ideas on a virtual call than during an in-person meeting
- Dean Douglas,
Fast Company
Flexibility - you are rewarded for work done, not hours served
Moving away from "Binary Opposition"
Some job responsibilities challenge integration
Spending all your awake (& vacation) time doing work
Being "Always On" can lead to feeling overwhelmed, if not managed
Understand how you create "Energy" & optimize it to avoid burnout
Don't measure daily
Prioritize & Be Organized
As the boss, you set the tone
Have set time to separate & recharge
Realize that there is
more work to do
Face Time can be Wasted Time
Personal fulfillment can help you at work, avoiding disengagement
"I wish I didn't work so hard"
Helps you focus on the right things
"Make meaningful work for others"
- Michael Steger, PhD.
"Accomplishment in a career is achievable not at the expense of the rest of your life, but because of commitments at home, in the community and at your interior life"

- Stew Friedman,
Harvard Business Review
- Talk about what inspires you & your integration goals
- Authenticity, clarify what is important to you
- Recognize how different parts of your life affect one another
- Experiment to find what works
Do 1 thing at a time
See yourself
(and introduce yourself)
as more than just the job you do
The nature of work has changed
Align goals & action
Understand the realities of your job
Credit: Haas School of Business
Credit: Stephen Covey,
First Things First
Where does "recharging" happen?
The short answer
Your bosses won't tell you to stop working
You must understand this to get the most from your team
It's about results, not time put in
What Work-Life Integration Looks Like
Creating a Culture of Integration
Be clear about what must be face-to-face & done on deadline
Give rewards of flexibility
Keep the Customer as your North Star
How do you integrate your work & life together?
$2T lost
20 Practical Work-Life Integration Tips
Batch Multi-Part Tasks
Practice Chunking
Build-in Breaks
Do Quadrant #1 items 1st
Limit Your Decisions
Schedule w/Reminders
Set Helpful Routines
Plan for Delays
Set Decision Deadlines
Meetings with Clear Agendas
Set Time to Think
Change Venues
Start & End Day Right
Note Taking System
Utilize Disconnected Time
Prioritize First-Thing
Use Tech Tools
Recharge Your Way
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