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Temsa ICS_yt_linked

International Customer Services

Evren Boga

on 3 September 2012

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Transcript of Temsa ICS_yt_linked

with International Customer
Services ICS COUNTRIES TEMSA ICS, all around the world... 45 VEHICLES ABROAD 7800 WORKSHOPS 74 No bad surprises :) PDI TEAM We inspect all vehicles before delivery... Regional Responsibility OEM Responsibility Vehicle Responsibilty RC team every time everywhere, Road
Service 24 / 365 hours a day days a year 00 31 546 543 295 Warranty Team CATS Control and Audit of Field

Claim evaluation

Vehicle after sales history

Follow up supplier thanks to

warranty bridge

we connect

field & factory we create our
to define the root causes TO DO LIST : We collect and classify every failure information from the field via warranty bridge Continuous improvement and information
flow to factory and suppliers CATS Supplier Backclaim Portal SAP Warranty Pool Temsa Spare Parts USA AUSTRIA GERMANY FRANCE TURKEY DIFFERENT SPARE PART
...... SERVICE DEGREE Temsa Spare Parts easy to
order search and order
online..! Literature Team Training Team we offer you more than busses... we help you to form full qualified technicians who know our vehicles and systemys in details... we provide comprehensible, easily accessible and up to date information to our customers... High customer satisfaction Quick, permanent
& innovative solutions
for customers ready to find the
solutions to your
waiting for your
feedback... Better understanding and
systematic tracing of
customers needs Effective customer
communication Ease of access & use we value your opinions... anket
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