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Computing KS1 & KS2 curriculum

No description

Mr Parr

on 31 March 2014

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Transcript of Computing KS1 & KS2 curriculum

Computing KS1 & KS2 curriculum
From September 2014
On your first sticky note, write down one word to describe your feelings at this moment in time towards the new computing curriculum
Objectives of the session
To dispel some of the myths surrounding Computing
To establish what you already do well that fits the new POS
To generate ideas which can be taken back to school for development
To create a collaborative working hub
ICT or Computing
On your sheet of A3, create a mind map outlining what you currently do for ICT in your school
Share this with another person in the room
Look at how it is currently delivered in your school, is it cross-curricula? A dedicated subject? Or a mix of both?
In a different colour, add in any computing that you are already doing or any that you have tried
Share this with another person in the room
KS1 and KS2 POS
Take a 5 minutes to read the POS for KS1 & KS2.
Highlight any words in there which you are unsure of
CS unplugged
Code Club
What should I do next
Join CAS
Look at the skills of staff in your school - what are your strengths, where are your needs?
Know your facilities - what have you already got, what could you possibly need?
Learn one new practical skill from the new POS e.g. the shapes used for flow diagrams, created a simple algorithm, tried coding in Scratch
Next time...
Do you want to continue meeting as a hub?
If so, we would look in more detail at ideas for the new POS
develop a one-off Computing lesson to try in school with your students

Welcome...what lies ahead?
On your second sticky note, write down what you would like to get out of our meeting(s)
On your third sticky note, grade how confident you are at this moment in time about delivering computing - 1 being no confidence, 10 being total confidence
What do you notice about the new POS? - Three sections to is:
Digital literacy
Computer science
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