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Technology @ HVC

No description

Jimmy Smith

on 2 July 2014

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Transcript of Technology @ HVC

Technology Department @ HVC
Overview of Department
7 teaching Staff (2 part time) 3 Technicians (2 part time)
Product Design, Catering, Resistant Materials, textiles, Engineering, Construction & Systems and Control (5 @ GCSE/BTEC level )
2 year KS3 rotating around subjects
Year 9:
Students Opt for Product Design, Catering or Textiles

KS4 Groups:
1 X RM, 2 X Catering, 1 X Textiles, 2 x Engineering & 2 Construction
OFSTED October 2012
"Students’ learning and progress in technology is consistently good"

"The proportion of good and outstanding teaching has risen" - Whole School

Technology lessons that were obsevered during the inspection rated as OUTSTANDING
Very good results
Settled staff – Collegiate team
A variety of courses offered (GCSE, BTEC, Diploma)
Good Afl strategies used within lessons
High student option up take
Verbal assessment
Links with industry
Using RealSmart to enhance curriculum
Engaging curriculum
Year 9 Options
Good/Outstanding innovative teaching
Assessing progress at KS3
Old equipment
CAM & ICT resources holding progress
SEN development and progression
Doing too much/involved in too many initiatives
Careers information
Developing Y9 curriculum
1 year options (The project, STEM leadership, cooking skills)
Partnership with Tuxford Technology department & Sheffield UTC
Possible Tech Bac
New technologies developing
Post sixteen developments
Curriculum freedoms
Curriculum review - Less significant subject
Ever changing subject - Keeping up to date
English Baccalaureate
1 year GCSE options
Aging Equipment
Staff getting promoted
Class sizes
Ever increasing targets - Loss of creativity
What do you think of when someone says......
'Technology Education'
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